UPDATE: Woman’s corpse “naked and covered in bite marks” found in northeast Thailand

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Today, police arrested the man suspected of murdering his wife, Daeng, whose body was found naked and covered in bite marks at her home in Buriram on Monday. Police detained and arrested Nithipot, aka “Dao” at a relative’s house in Huai Thalaeng district in Nakhon Ratchasima province this morning. Police brought him back to Buriram for questioning at Phutthaisong Police Station.

Police said that Dao, who was intoxicated at the time of arrest, has admitted to murdering his wife. Dao told police he has a high, violent sex drive. Dao admitted to biting his wife more than 10 times before strangling her to death during sex. Dao said at first he didn’t know whether his wife Daeng was dead or not. Dao said that now he knows he killed Daeng, he is ready to go to prison to “pay back his karmic debt.”

Dao told police his wife had been very cruel to him in the past, especially when she was drunk. Dao told police the reason Daeng had broken ribs was because she got drunk and fell in the bathroom. He said neither he nor Daeng took drugs.

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When Dao escaped, he sold his motorbike’s sidecar, or “Saleng” to an antique shop for 1,500 baht, which allowed him to travel to his relative’s house in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Police said Dao wants to apologise to Daeng’s family for what he did. He told police that Daeng didn’t listen to him and took all the money he earned, which is what ultimately led him to murder her. He said him and Daeng often fought each other.

Police have detained Dao and said that questioning will continue tomorrow once Dao is no longer in a state of intoxication.

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Police have launched a murder investigation after a 55 year old woman’s body was found “naked and covered in bite marks” at a house in Buriram province, northeast Thailand, yesterday. The prime suspect in the case so far is the woman’s husband, who mysteriously disappeared around the time of the murder.

Officers from Phuttaisong Police Station rushed to a two-story house in Ma Feung subdistrict yesterday after receiving a call that villagers had discovered the body of a woman at her own home. Police found the body of Kamala, or “Daeng” lying naked on the bed with a duvet covering her body.

Daeng had over 10 bite marks on her mouth, ears, cheeks, nipples, and body. Police said there was clear evidence of human bite marks on her genitalia and signs of sexual intercourse. Police estimated Daeng had been dead for around 2 days and said that worms were protruding from her neck.

Daeng’s neighbours told police that they hadn’t seen either Daeng or her husband come out of the house for over 2 days, so they went over to the house to check on them. The front door was locked so they entered the house through the back door, which is when they went upstairs and discovered Daeng’s body on the bed.

Daeng’s husband 52 year old Nitiphot mysteriously disappeared around 2 days before the discovery of Daeng’s body, along with his motorbike and sidecar.

The neighbours said they weren’t close with Daeng or Nitihphot, who “liked to keep to themselves.” The neighbours said both Daeng and Nitiphot liked to drink alcohol.

Another neighbour said they had previously heard Daeng and Nitiphot fighting all day and night, but didn’t dare to intervene.

Daeng’s elder sister, 57 year old Sunthara, said that she knew that Daeng was being abused by her husband at home. However, Sunthara said that when she had tried to help before, both Daeng and her husband had told her not to get involved, so she decided to stop “bothering them.”

Daeng’s daughter told police she was working in another province when her mother was murdered. Daeng’s daughter suspects that it was Nitiphot who murdered her mother because he had previously been violent towards her. Daeng’s daughter said she never felt comfortable enough to call Nitiphot “uncle” or “father” because of how he treated her mother.

Today, Buriram Provincial Court is preparing an arrest warrant for 52 year old Nitiphot, who is the prime suspect in the murder case.

Daeng’s body has been taken for an autopsy to determine her exact cause of death.

SOURCE: Ejan, KhaoSod

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