Russian couple’s dine and dash attempt exposed in Phuket restaurant

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A shameless cheating Russian couple insisted they had settled their bill at a Phuket restaurant after being accused of attempting to dine and dash. They later falsely incriminated a Thai waitress of theft but their deception was exposed by CCTV footage, forcing them to apologise and settle the bill.

The restaurant shared security footage of the incident on a Facebook group for local food stores in Phuket to issue a warning about the Russian couple’s dine-and-dash.

In the video, the Russian man was seen placing a banknote in a bill folder but then later removed it. The Russian man looked around to see if anyone noticed his action. He then asked the waitress to pick up the empty bill folder, pretending he already paid.

The waitress, Santanee, who served the foreigners that day, told Channel 3 that the couple dined at the restaurant on Saturday, March 30. Santanee said the cashier could not find the money in the folder and asked her to check with the foreign couple.

According to Santanee, the couple insisted they had already paid the bill, and the banknote might have slipped out of the folder. Santanee helped them look for the money but did not find it anywhere.

The couple became angry at the cashier counter and tried to blame Santanee for stealing the money. The Russian customers maintained their innocence and dared the restaurant to check the security camera.

Clear evidence

Unfortunately, the CCTV cameras at the restaurant were old models and required a technician to obtain the video file. So, the restaurant owner had to let the foreigners go but asked for their contacts.

After reviewing the security camera footage, it was clear that the accused couple did not pay for their meal. So, the owner sent the video to the couple and summoned them to pay the bill.

The foreigners agreed to pay and apologised for their actions. They said they did not expect there to be a CCTV camera at that angle. The owner recorded the video of them apologising but did not take legal action against them.

Santanee revealed she was disappointed by the Russian couple’s behaviour in an interview with Channel 3.

“I felt offended when they blamed me for theft. They looked down on Thai people. We provide whatever they want and do our best to fulfill their requests but it does not mean that Thais are their slaves. I almost cried at that time and was trembling. I would like to warn all waitresses and waiters to be aware of these kinds of foreign customers.”

Thai netizens voiced their opinions on the matter.

“The free visa has many problems. It only focuses on quantity, not quality. Thailand used to have a lot of good foreign tourists. I feel sorry for the country.”

“The prime minister is proud of it.”

“Good foreign tourists go to our neighbouring countries instead.”

“I faced the same situation. I took the foreigners to the police station but the police did nothing and let them go. They sided with the foreigners. I am tired of this.”

“Free visa, free trip, free food!”

“Foreigners know that Thai law is not that serious. Apologise and everything will be fine.”

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