Thai man arrested in Pattaya for threatening girlfriend with gun

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A Thai man was apprehended by Pattaya City police in the early hours of yesterday, May 4, following allegations of threatening his girlfriend with a firearm and discharging it into the air at Pattaya Beach on March 13. The unsettling event caused quite a stir among foreign and local beachgoers, given that the area was still bustling with activity when the shooting occurred, despite the proximity of a police station.

The police report reveals that the man sought refuge with his friends in Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom. Through a diligent investigation and three days of surveillance, the police successfully located and arrested the suspect. He reportedly admitted to his actions as per the arrest warrant issued against him.

Interestingly, the suspect, identified as Worakarn, had allegedly disposed of the firearm used in the incident. He sold it to an unidentified individual, presumably to gather funds to evade the police, reported The Pattaya News.

Worakarn now faces a series of serious charges. These include the intention to commit murder, possession and public carrying of a firearm without legal authorisation, and physical assault on a person.

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In related news, a 56 year old Thai man has been terrorising his community in Chumphon, threatening to kill residents and local officials.

This wave of fear escalated after the authorities attempted to arrest Somchai at his home in Chumphon province on April 25, only to find he had already escaped, leaving behind a cache of ammunition.

Somchai, a resident of Visai Tai subdistrict in Chumphon, is currently on the run from law enforcement after a warrant was issued for his arrest on April 18 for firing a gun without cause and attempting murder.

The police raid at his residence yielded 194 rounds of .22 calibre ammunition but Somchai had fled the scene before their arrival. The search, sanctioned by a court mandate, was part of an intensified effort to apprehend him following a series of violent incidents.

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