Government employee found dead in rural Uthai Thani

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A local government employee tragically lost his life in a harrowing nighttime incident in Uthai Thani Province, which has left the community in shock. The 57 year old man was found dead beside an electric pole on a concrete road connecting the villages of Nong Yang and Nong Chang last night.

Notably, the incident occurred at 10.30pm, when the area’s deputy investigator, Police Lieutenant Pojjanat Ketklao, was alerted to the fatality by a village assistant from Nong Chang.

Upon reaching the scene, police discovered Bancherd Sornsiri’s body, which bore head injuries and a pool of blood, alongside a broken leg. Nearby was his Honda motorcycle, leaning against a metal railing.

It was revealed that Bancherd, an employee with the Nong Chang Subdistrict Municipality, had a sideline as a buffalo herdsman, owning five buffaloes. He and his friends, including his wife, brother-in-law, and village assistant, would typically enjoy an evening drink together.

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According to neighbours, around 10pm, an inebriated Bancherd decided to return to his buffalo shed after suspecting that someone had poisoned his dog in an attempt to steal his buffaloes. He asked his wife for some rice and dog food before briefly returning to his drinking group to share his concerns.

He had managed to save his dog’s life by forcing it to vomit the poison using eggs. Worried about his buffaloes, Bancherd left again on his motorcycle to guard them, reported KhaoSod.

After some time, his friends, concerned for his safety, went to check on him but found neither him nor the buffaloes at the shed. They eventually discovered his lifeless body next to the road.

In related news, a foreign woman’s body was discovered floating in the waters off Freedom Beach on May 1. Karon police received word of the grim find around 2.45pm.

A subsequent recovery mission was swiftly assembled, with Kusoldharm Foundation rescue workers utilising a rubber dinghy to retrieve the body and transport it ashore near Nong Harn Lake in Karon.

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