Stabbing: Ex-lover murders woman at hotpot over 1,000 baht

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Last night, a 40 year old man reportedly stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death in a rage. The stabbing took place in front of a grocery store near a table used for hotpot and beer, located in a residential area of Samut Sakhon, Thailand. The 37 year old woman was sitting with her friends when the brutal act was committed.

Police Colonel Phanuphong Phawabut was alerted to the crime scene where Parichat was found covered in blood with multiple stab wounds to her neck, chest, left arm, right shoulder, and several parts of her body. A blood-stained fruit knife was found under the table, which police kept as evidence. Officers also found a hotpot and knocked-over beer bottles at the site.

The accused, Mankong Sukmanee, fled the stabbing on a bicycle along Rama 2 Road but was pursued and apprehended by local police forces, who subsequently transported him to Samut Sakhon police station for interrogation.

Mankong confessed to the stabbing of his former girlfriend. The reasons for the assault were attributed to personal resentment, though he demanded money – a mere 1,000 baht – reported KhaoSod.

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CCTV footage examined by the officials displayed Mankong arriving on his bicycle, where Parichat and her friends were eating hotpot and drinking beer. After conversing with Parichat, Mankong committed the stabbing attack in plain sight before riding away on his bike.

Samut Sakhon Rescue and Forensic Medicine officials were among the first responders at the location where Parichat succumbed to her stabbing injuries. It was reported that Parichat was employed as a petrol pump employee not far from the scene.

The victim’s co-workers said Parichat and Mankong had ended their relationship about a month before the murder. Mankong was reportedly a quiet and dangerous man.

Before the incident, Mankong was seen demanding money from Parichat, who told him she didn’t have it, which made him furious. Mankong was heard rebuking Parichat.

“How could you afford this meal if you have no money?”

Her co-workers responded that they were paying for the meal. Irked by the response, Mankong demanded that Parichat give him 1,000 baht, and then proceeded to stab the woman to death.

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