Chinese woman’s ex-boyfriend engaged to her mother

A woman returned home from studying abroad to find that her ex-boyfriend was marrying her mother. (via ThoughtCo)

In an occurrence that rivals even soap opera plot twists, a woman returned home after three years of studying abroad only to find her former boyfriend set to become her stepfather. In her absence, the ex-boyfriend had started dating her mother and then proposed in front of her.

The incident was reported by CTWANT, featuring a young woman from China. She had ended her relationship with her boyfriend in order to pursue her education overseas. But when she returned home after three years, she was shocked to discover her old lover at her home. She was further dismayed to find that her former boyfriend had started dating her mother.

According to local media reports, her father had passed away when she was a child, and she had been raised by her mother until she made the decision to go overseas for further studies three years ago. The choice to leave her mother and go abroad was hard, as she had a strong and healthy relationship with her boyfriend at the time.

Perhaps because of the long distance, their relationship eventually came to an end. After several years of studying, she finally completed her doctoral degree and returned home to China. Unexpectedly, she was confronted with a disconcerting scenario upon homecoming.

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The young woman reveals she had just arrived back in her country and had finally stepped into her home. Her mother was excited to introduce her to a guest, little did she know it was her old boyfriend who she hadn’t seen in years.

Her mother gushed that they had been in a relationship for five months already, and the man dearly loved her. Suddenly, her former boyfriend changed the subject and, in the blink of an eye, he was down on one knee, taking out an engagement ring to propose to her mother right in front of her.

This scene left her stunned. She could only think to herself about the insane scene she was witnessing.

“How could I stand by and let my mother marry my ex? I am about to become the stepdaughter of my ex-boyfriend.”

After her story was shared widely online, numerous commenters weighed in, mostly with criticisms.

“This is too dramatic. I can’t accept it.”

“This man is disgusting!”

“It’s so ridiculous, my ex becomes my mother’s partner.”

“This ex-boyfriend is awesome, he can have everyone.”

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