Pattaya troublemaker damages car over parking dispute

Adisak Rachom points to the dent on his car, photo by Pattaya Mail.

In South Pattaya, a confrontation over a parking dispute turned aggressive as an irate troublemaker damaged a man’s car. The incident, which happened on Wednesday, April 26, was reported in Pattaya Mail today.

The incident began when 25 year old Adisak Rachom parked his Nakhon Ratchasima-registered Nissan March in a public space by the Pattaya Beer Garden to drop off his brother for work on Walking Street.

This irritated 47 year old Pranot Ketthong, who claimed to be providing help with parking. Pranot allegedly has a history of unlawfully “assisting” people with parking and collecting fees for the free parking in public spaces.

Adisak refused to pay, escalating the situation and prompting threats from Pranot. Pranot proceeded to kick Adisak’s Nissan, causing damage to the vehicle. Following the incident, Adisak reported the encounter to the police, who subsequently tracked down Pranot.

When questioned, Pranot stubbornly attempted to convince officers that he was merely helping them manage traffic. He also complained about Bolt ride-hailing app drivers, stating that they frequently park where Adisak did. Despite his explanations, no formal charges were brought against Pranot in the end. However, he did agree to pay Adisak an unspecified sum to compensate for the damage inflicted upon his vehicle.

The incident happened just days after another incident in Thailand involving an angry person aggressively damaging a vehicle.

On April 23, a Phuket man smashed a pickup truck and hit the driver with an iron bar, injuring the driver. According to the Phuket City Police, the pickup truck driver, identified only as Suriya, was waiting at a red light with his wife and two year old child. The suspect, identified as 30 year old Narong, approached the vehicle with a 70-centimetre-long iron bar.

Narong hit the front glass windshield of the pickup truck, the pickup truck’s side window, and Suriya’s arm. Suriya admitted that there was a prior road rage incident with a motorbike rider.

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