Rejected Chon Buri man fatally shoots woman before taking his own life

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A rejected Chon Buri man fatally shot a woman before taking his own life.

The tragic incident unfolded yesterday at a souvenir shop selling mortar and pestle sets in Chon Buri’s main city district. Following the incident, an investigator from the Samet Police Station, along with a police officer and rescue workers from the Tri Khun Tham Foundation visited the scene to investigate.

Upon arrival, authorities found the body of a 33 year old man, identified as Jirawat, lying face down nearby the lifeless body of 32 year old Suchira. An 11-millimetre gun was discovered next to the man’s body.

The owner of the store said that Suchira, who was tragically killed in the incident, was his daughter. He explained that Jirawat, the perpetrator, was her friend and had been pursuing her romantically, but without success. In his frustration, Jirawat stormed into the shop armed with a gun, where he went on to fatally shoot Suchira before taking his own life.

The shop owner added that the shootout occurred during a heavy downpour when he was away from the store for work purposes. After finishing his work, he returned to the shop only to find the horrifying scene that had unfolded in his absence.

Authorities are now taking steps to further investigate the tragic event. They will interview people connected to both the victim and the shooter, including the mother of the woman, in an attempt to gather more information to establish an accurate account of the incident. Once a clear understanding of the event is established, the police will proceed with the necessary legal actions according to the law.

As locals come to terms with the chilling events that have taken place in their community, authorities continue to pursue an investigation in the hopes of shining a light on what led to such a devastating outcome for all involved.

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