Scammer alert: Rogue seller fleecing train passengers in Nakhon Sawan

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Nakhon Sawan Railway Station has been a recent hotspot for a scammer. Numerous social media users are warning others of a dishonest merchant on board the trains who claims that he has no change and disappears after offering to exchange for smaller notes. This rogue scammer seems to be a common scourge, as many have faced a similar situation.

A social media user’s post cautioning the public first brought attention to the issue. The user detailed their experience on the รถไฟไทย TrainThailand Facebook group. They were travelling on the express train service number 108, which made a stop at Nakhon Sawan station at 1.11am. A skinny, dark-skinned man was peddling bottled water on the train, asking for 20 baht per bottle. After receiving 100 baht from the passenger and promising to return the change, the rogue seller vanished before returning the change.

The complaining passenger clarified that their post didn’t aim to generalise or stigmatise all hawkers on trains. They acknowledged there are plenty of trustworthy sellers on these trains and the rogue seller is part of a minority tarnishing the image of those honest vendors. This post has struck a chord with many online commentators, several of whom indicated they’ve had a similar experience. Collectively, they are requesting that relevant officers address the rogue seller’s actions, reported KhaoSod.

The recurring nature of incidents involving this vendor implies a need for stronger surveillance and more stringent countermeasures by train officers, to preserve the ease and trust of passengers while ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

Three days ago, three women reported a scammer who fraudulently lured them into investing in cars for rental purposes and then disappeared, leaving them with massive debts.

The unidentified man used online dating platforms to identify his victims, leaving almost 20 people defrauded and causing damages exceeding 50 million baht. To read more click HERE.

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