Rack ’em and attack ’em: Deadly shootout unleashed in snooker showdown in northern Thailand

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A man armed with a gun stormed his friend’s house and fatally shot him following a dispute over a snooker game and an unsettled bet in northern Thailand. The gunman was swiftly apprehended by the police in Nakhon Sawan province, who are now investigating the case in detail.

The shooting last night shook the local community of Phaisalee in Nakhon Sawan. Police revealed that an argument escalated at a home owned by 49 year old Amorn, leading to his death from multiple gunshot wounds. His body bore two wounds on his back and one on the cheek, leaving no chance of survival despite immediate medical assistance, reported KhaoSod.

The wooden house, raised off the ground where the incident happened, was typically used for communal gatherings. Witnesses recall seeing Amorn enjoying his meal before being approached by another 49 year old man, Patcharapong. The two men were known to be friends, but on this occasion, they engaged in a serious verbal altercation which concluded in multiple shots fired. Patcharapong fled the scene immediately in his truck.

Police were quick to respond, tracking Patcharapong down to his home, approximately 2 kilometres away from the crime scene. As police arrived, Patcharapong was preparing to escape. He was captured along with the .38 calibre revolver assumed to be the murder weapon.

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The motive behind this fatal encounter is being closely investigated by the police. According to initial reports, the disagreement started over a recreational snooker game where cheating was suspected, leading to an unsettled bet. It is believed that this dispute ignited the violent confrontation resulting in Amorn’s death. Further details will emerge as the investigation continues.

In May, a Thai truck driver challenged his coworker to a confrontation, only to face a real 9-millimetre gun in return. The driver fled the scene but later died from gunshot wounds at a five-storey building in the central Saraburi province. To read more click HERE.

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