Late-night teen brawl in Nonthaburi ends in gunfire: 1 injured, weapons seized

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A late-night brawl among a group of teenagers in Nonthaburi triggered a public uproar. A violent clash left one individual injured following a gunshot penetrating his hand.

Local police seized possession of several knives involved in the incident. Video recordings captured by a bystander showed the chaotic scene. The confrontation took place at around 2am today near a convenience store at Tiwanon-Pak Kret 20 in the Bang Phud area of Pak Kret, Nonthaburi.

The incident involved a group of 12 teenagers between 16 and 21 years old causing a public disturbance in front of a convenience store. Among the group was 21 year old Songwut, who suffered a gunshot wound to his hand. After receiving initial first-aid treatment, Songwut was transported to Chapratan Pak Kret Hospital. Police seized five knives from the young group and transported them all to Pak Kret Police Station, reported KhaoSod.

A citizen captured video footage of the event. The video revealed two groups of teenagers chasing each other on the road opposite the recording site. Subsequently, information from one 18 year old member of the group identified as ‘Ae’ (alias) shared that 12 motorcycle-riding teenagers had a heated exchange with an unknown teen group. As they were returning home from Nonthaburi Pier, they were ambushed and shot at.

Ae continued, explaining that upon realising they were being chased, the group sought refuge in a nearby convenience store. The injured individual, who was riding a pillion, appeared to shield himself from the gunfire, resulting in a gunshot wound to his hand. He fell from the motorcycle, sustaining additional injuries.

A witness to the incident, 26 year old Phutthiphong, reported that he was at the bottom of his condo when he heard what sounded like an explosion, luring him to the scene. He found two groups of teenagers on the opposite side of the condo standing off. One group brandished knives, the other with a gun. After a single gunshot, the knife-wielding group retreated, pursued by the gunmen. Phutthiphong also reported hearing three to four sounds like ping-pong explosions alongside the gunfire.

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