Phuket thief nabs German tourist’s mobile phone

Nissan admitted to stealing the phone, photo by Phuket Provincial Police Facebook.

There’s been another theft against a tourist in Thailand, this time in Phuket.

A Phuket thief nabbed a German tourist’s mobile phone yesterday morning. The thief snatched the victim’s mobile phone on Soi Cherng Talay. The victim was a 56 year old German man named Haugg Fred.

After receiving a report at about 9.50am, Cherng Talay Police arrived on the scene and checked the CCTV footage. Officers saw that the suspect rode his motorcycle past Soi Bang Tao on 4/1. Police were then able to find the suspect, a 27 year old Thai man named Nissan Islam, at his house in the area.

Nissan admitted that he had stolen the mobile phone, and the cops were able to recover it. The police also seized Nissan’s Yamaha motorcycle, a few pieces of clothing, a shoulder bag, and a pair of flip-flops.

Nissan now faces charges of committing theft using a vehicle to facilitate the theft or facilitate the escape of arrest.

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This news comes after another tourist in Thailand had their phone stolen in Phuket less than a week ago.

A tuk tuk taxi driver was arrested on March 11 for stealing an iPhone 14 Pro Max from a Swedish tourist in Patong. The tourist had taken the tuk tuk taxi earlier in the morning, coming home from Bangla Road to the Patong hotel she was staying in. However, when she arrived at the hotel, she realized that her iPhone 14 Pro Max was missing. She assumed that she must have dropped it or forgotten it in the tuk tuk taxi home. However, the tuk tuk driver confessed that he had found the dropped iPhone, and hidden it behind his seat.

The driver was taken to the Patong Police Station where he will be charged with theft. Meanwhile, the anxious tourist, Merdzana Pepic, was reunited with her iPhone 14 Pro Max. She expressed her gratitude to the Patong Police for their assistance in retrieving it.

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