Songkran water fights are returning to Pattaya

Songkran is coming back, photo by Direct Line to the Mayor of Pattaya City Facebook page.

It’s time to hold on to your water guns and get ready to make a splash after the Pattaya mayor announced that the Songkran festival will go ahead in the city this year. The mayor made it clear that it’s going to be a soaking good time. That’s right, folks, the water fights are back on!

The Facebook page Direct Line to the Mayor of Pattaya City yesterday posted about Songkran water fight events coming up on April 18 and 19.

The post says that Wan Lai Mueang Pattaya is back under the theme of The Road of Culture. On April 18, the event Wan Lai Na Kluea will be held at the Lan Pho Na Kluea market. On April 19, Wan Lai Pattaya will be held at Central Pattaya Beach. The post says that details will be made available later.

However, water fights are likely to begin in some areas of the city around April 12 or 13, The Pattaya News reported. The entire region will celebrate, with hundreds of thousands of people on the streets throwing water.

The Thai New Year and the famous water fights that come with it will return to Pattaya after three years of Covid-19 restrictions. This means that those who wish to avoid getting wet have plenty of warning, while those planning trips and holidays for Songkran can be reassured that water fights will be allowed.

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Songkran coincides with Pattaya’s biggest-ever concert, Rolling Loud, which will feature world-famous hip-hop and rap artists such as Cardi B, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, Lil Pump, Chris Brown, and many others. Malls in the area are also planning major concerts and Songkran events, and nearly every bar in the city will have special events and parties to mark the new year.

The Pattaya Mayor’s announcement comes after several planning meetings, and it is expected that the event will draw a huge crowd of tourists. Whether you love it or hate it, the water festival is back and set to be bigger than ever.

Pattaya isn’t the only spot in Thailand gearing up for Songkran. Phuket has been given the green light for water-splashing festivities during the upcoming Thai New Year.

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