Thai father unveils child abuse by nursery teacher over car damage incident

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A 38 year old father of a five year old boy reported that his son was physically abused by a female nursery teacher in Pa Phayom district, Phatthalung province, sothern Thailand. The father discovered red and purple bruises on his son’s back during bath time, which his son affirmed, were inflicted by a teacher at the school.

Stating the sequence of events, Thanapongphan revealed that on June 26, the teacher had called him to report that his son had accidentally scratched a sedan. Agreeing to undertake all responsibilities for the incident, Thanapongphan immediately visited the school and apologised. They decided to assess the damage with a mechanic who estimated a repair cost of 1,500 baht (US$42). However, the teacher decided to get it rectified at a convenience centre at a later date. Thanapongphan said…

“Returning home, I was about to bathe my son when he cried out in pain as I started removing his shirt. Upon inspection, I found bruises on his back as if he had been mistreated. Enraged, I called the teacher who admitted to disciplining my son once. However, seeing the extent of the bruise, I was convinced it was more than once.”

Refusing to believe the teacher’s explanation, Thanapongphan took his son to a doctor followed by lodging a complaint at the Phu Phayom police station. He added…

“Had the teacher warned me before hitting my child, we could have discussed a better mechanism for discipline. The hidden action followed by discovering the deep bruises on my son’s back was heartbreaking. The apology offered by the teacher in the police station seemed insincere as my son was terrified and trembling.”

Thanapongphan is determined to press charges against the teacher for her excessive punishment and expressed his desire to prevent any future cases of abuse from the said teacher, reported KhaoSod.

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