Pattaya boy critically injured following wall collapse

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An 11 year old boy was critically injured as an old wall collapsed on him in Pattaya. As locals looked on in worried anticipation, emergency services promptly administered first aid and transferred the injured boy to a nearby hospital.

Upon reaching the scene of the incident, an unassuming one-storey dwelling in Nong Prue sub-district, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province, rescue teams discovered the distressed boy covered in blood, crying out in pain. It was soon apparent that the boy, a fifth-grade student of a local school under the pseudonym of ‘A,’ had a severe leg injury due to being trapped under a collapsed brick wall, reported KhaoSod.

An eyewitness account from the local snack vendor, 62 year old Thong, provided some background to the unfortunate occurrence. He relayed that A had stopped to buy some fried meatballs, yet, visibly perturbed by a barking dog, the boy climbed up on an adjoining wall to hide. The vendor had warned the boy against sitting on the old, brittle boundary that happened to be taller than the hallowed spirit house. Disregarding the advice, the boy sat on the wall as Thong prepared his order. As the vendor was finishing the order, the weak wall unexpectedly collapsed over the boy, leaving him grievously injured. Observing the incident, a bystander urgently called emergency services for assistance.

CCTV footage from a neighbouring house documented the entire incident, showing the 11 year old boy ordering, climbing onto the wall, and shortly after, the wall collapsing on him.

Concerned homeowners in the vicinity have voiced their concerns over the dilapidated condition of the wall. They recall previous warnings to children to avoid climbing the wall due to its deteriorating condition.

Now, their worst fears have been realised with the boy’s injury, leading them to reiterate these warnings to maintain respect for spirit houses and maintain the safety of all in the community.

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