Albino turtle discovered by fisherman sparks lottery number craze in Thai village

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A Thai fisherman discovered a rare albino turtle during a night fishing trip, Thai media reported today. Residents flocked to the home of 35 year old Surachet Chawangpan in the northeast Surin province to see the turtle. They believe the turtle will bring them good luck, including in the lottery.

Surachet’s wife said her husband caught the turtle the night after she dreamed of old 10 baht coins with holes in them. As a result, villagers are now selecting lottery numbers based on the woman’s dream.

She shared that her husband fishes every night to sell his catch at the market and occasionally catches rare fish. On the night in question, Surachet spotted a strange light near a pond while searching for fish, and he caught the unusual white turtle. The couple kept the turtle in a cage, inviting villagers to come and see the extraordinary creature.

Surachet’s wife also mentioned that the turtle is approximately three years old. It was discovered just after she dreamed of finding three old 10 baht coins with holes. Since the lottery draw was approaching, villagers joined together to light candles and seek good fortune from the white turtle. They are using numbers inspired by Surachet’s wife’s dream to try their luck, such as 10 and 103.

Many Thais hold superstitious beliefs about good and bad fortune, including the country’s lottery.

In Thailand’s northeast Nakhon Ratchasima province, residents have been flocking to make offerings and buy beauty products for the Ta Kiean Thong Spirits at a famed temple in Korat after numerous lottery wins. The five Ta Kiean Thong sisters are believed to favour those who adorn them, with many paying respects at the Wat Samanmit temple.

Residents have been purchasing Thai outfits and cosmetics to offer to the five Ta Kiean Thong sisters at a renowned temple in Korat, following several consecutive lottery successes. Offerings such as pig heads, boiled eggs, coloured water, Thai clothing, and makeup have been made to the five sisters.

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