Pathum Thani police seize 5.3 million Yaba pills in major drug bust

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Police in Pathum Thani province seized a colossal haul of 5.3 million methamphetamine pills, commonly known as Yaba, in a dramatic operation that saw a suspect escape into a canal. The drug bust unfolded today, April 25, when police and military intelligence units descended upon a nondescript residence in the Nong Suea district.

Led by a coalition of law enforcement and military personnel, the operation was a significant hit against the drug trade in the region. In a white Toyota Yaris parked along an irrigation canal road, officers discovered 13 black bags containing a total of 2.5 million Yaba pills.

The arrest of a 30 year old Cambodian woman, Zairtus Ann, marked a breakthrough in the case. The contraband was skillfully concealed within the vehicle, indicating a high level of sophistication in drug trafficking methods.

The investigation’s reach extended beyond the initial capture, as police uncovered another 2.8 million Yaba pills stashed inside a house in the same district, without a registered address. This brought the total count of confiscated drugs to approximately 5.3 million pills.

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Additionally, the police found 12 rounds of 9mm ammunition and a 9mm handgun, suggesting the presence of a potentially violent criminal network.

The operation followed a string of arrests involving key figures in drug trafficking cases, which led to the identification of Sarayut with a warrant out for his arrest since January 10, 2020, had fled to a neighbouring country but continued to orchestrate the drug trade from afar, dealing with minority groups in the northern regions.

Intelligence pointed to Veerayut, as the operative responsible for storing the drugs on behalf of Sarayut, following instructions delivered through the messaging app LINE. Mid-December last year saw Veerayut and his girlfriend moving their drug storage operations from Saraburi province to Pathum Thani.

On the evening of yesterday, April 24, Veerayut was observed transporting the drugs. By 4.15pm, he and his girlfriend were seen buying black trash bags before returning to their residence. At 7.15pm, their heavily laden vehicle left the house, eluding police surveillance.

Drug trade

Later, the car returned, noticeably lighter, suggesting that a drug delivery had taken place. At 8.30pm, the car set out again towards Wat Bueng Ka Sam, its weight betraying the presence of substantial cargo.

As the vehicle neared the canal road in Nong Suea district, Veerayut, realising he was being followed, made a desperate attempt to flee. He abandoned the car and jumped into the canal, ultimately evading capture. The vehicle search revealed 2.5 million Yaba pills, reported KhaoSod.

Further investigation of the house without a registered address resulted in the discovery of the additional 2.8 million pills and the apprehension of Zairtus. She confirmed that over 7.6 million pills had been received and that 2.3 million had already been distributed to customers, leaving the remaining 5.3 million in custody.

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