Online fraudster arrested after six year chase, 6 million baht embezzlement unveiled

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A high-profile online fraudster who falsified her educational qualifications to secure high-level positions in large companies, and stole assets worth over 6 million baht, has been arrested after more than six years on the run. The arrest, which occurred yesterday, was made in the Bang Chak district of Phra Khanong, Bangkok. The 37 year old fraudster, Chicha Chaiyasit, was found on the blacklist seller for fraudulent online sales.

Chicha Chaiyasit presented herself as a graduate of a university in Bang Khen, holding both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She further claimed to have studied in Melbourne, Australia, using these credentials to apply for high-ranking financial positions in large corporations. Over time, she embezzled company assets causing damages exceeding 6 million baht.

On social media, the accused often portrayed a luxurious lifestyle, using brand-name products and posting photos from opulent locations to create a credible persona. Additionally, the online fraudster was found to have a history of fraudulent online sales, having never once passed a police check. She was identified as the blacklist seller for fraudulent online sales.

Following the crime, Chicha changed her name and surname several times. Over the past six years, she shifted residences frequently to evade arrest. On discovering her residence in the Bang Chak district of Phra Khanong, Bangkok, the police made the arrest, reported KhaoSod.

Upon interrogation, Chicha claimed she was currently unemployed and earned money by selling research work. She stated that the stolen money had been divided amongst three individuals: the first, who had since passed away, herself, and a document courier. The police, however, were not convinced by her claims and handed her over to Yan Nawa Police Station for further legal proceedings.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Theeradech Thammasuthee warned of the dangers of online fraudsters who create elaborate profiles portraying extravagant lifestyles and using brand names to deceive the public. He advised the public to be cautious to avoid falling victim to such scams.

The police stated they are committed to tracing and arresting criminals who pose a threat to society and cause inconvenience to the public, affecting their normal way of life. This arrest aligns with the policies of Police Lieutenant General Damrongsak Kittipraphat, the commissioner, and Police Lieutenant General Thiti Sangsaeng, the deputy commissioner.

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