Man kicked out by his wife shot dead by police in central Thailand

Police shot a man dead at a police station in Nakhon Pathom province, central Thailand, last night. Police said he stole an officer’s gun and started firing shots in the car park, so they shot him eight times in the head and body.

Police said the man came to Nakhon Chai Si Police Station for help around midday yesterday after his wife had kicked him out of their house. The man, later identified as 38 year old Khempetch Khamla, said he felt “safer” at the police station.

Police said that Khempetch came to the police station in a stressed state. Police said he didn’t say much, only that he had quarelled with his wife who had kicked him out. He said he felt safer at the station, so the police let him stay for a while.

In the evening, police gave Khempetch 100 baht to get some food and he went out to eat. When he came back, Khempetch said he was going to find somewhere to have a shower and requested if he could stay the night at the police station afterward. Police said yes.

Sergeant Major of Nakhon Chai Si Police Station, Sompong Makkanom, said he was changing his uniform behind his car, which was parked in the station’s car park before the incident occurred.

Sompong said that Khempetch came up from behind him and grabbed his gun. The policeman asked for it back, but Khempetch refused, said Sompong.

Sompong said Khempetch fired a shot at him, prompting all the officers in the station to run outside. Police said that Khempetch started shooting all over the place and they had to dodge several bullets. Three of the bullets shot by Khempetch hit a parked police car’s tire, which exploded.

The police decided to shoot dead Khempetch. Police fired eight shots and Khempetch died immediately in the car park.

Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police Commissioner said that he checked Khempetch’s history and found no evidence of criminal history, violent behaviour, or drug abuse. Police suspect he must have had a bad domestic situation at home.

All four guns used by police to shoot Khempetch, as well as the gun Khempetch stole, were seized as evidence for an investigative team to check the facts of the incident.

Khempetch’s body has been taken to an institute of forensic pathology for his blood to be checked for alcohol and drugs.

SOURCE: Daily News

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