Man arrested for running illegal kratom beverage plant in Min Buri

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Police in Min Buri apprehended a man behind a kratom beverage production facility, investing heavily in water filtration equipment. The operation involved high-quality production methods to ensure superior product standards.

Police Major General Kiattikul Sonthinen, along with his team, yesterday, June 12, led an investigation into the facility located on Rat Uthit Road, Saen Saep Subdistrict, Min Buri District, Bangkok. This move followed a tip-off from locals about a suspected kratom boiling plant situated adjacent to the road in Soi Rat Phatthana on Rat Uthit Road.

Upon arrival, officers found the facility’s gate locked. Peering inside, they saw a group of individuals actively boiling kratom leaves. The owner, identified as Nuntawat, also known as Golf, came forward when the officers identified themselves and conducted a thorough inspection.

The search revealed 20 aluminium pots with lids, 20 gas stoves, 15 gas cylinders, 5 kilogrammes of fresh kratom leaves, 600 plastic bottles, four ice containers, and 50 bottles filled with kratom water.

Nuntawat admitted to establishing the kratom beverage production plant, investing nearly 100,000 baht (US$2,735) in a water filtration system specifically for boiling kratom water. The raw materials, including kratom leaves, were sourced from southern Thailand. To maintain the freshness of the leaves, they were stored in a temperature-controlled room, not exceeding 24 degrees Celsius, ensuring cleanliness and longevity.

He employed six locals daily to assist in boiling the kratom water, using 20 to 35 pots per batch, each requiring three hours of boiling. Each pot yielded 27 litres of kratom water. Nuntawat emphasised the use of high-quality ingredients and specially purified water. Post-boiling, the liquid was filtered through a muslin cloth and immediately chilled with ice to preserve its quality.

Kratom production

Each day, the operation produced approximately 600 bottles of kratom water. The products were distributed twice daily, with the first batch already delivered to customers in Lat Phrao, Hua Mak, and Bang Khen areas. The kratom water was sold in 1.5-litre bottles at 20 baht each, which retailers then sold for 40 baht to 60 baht per bottle.

The one-litre bottles were sold at 15 baht each, with resellers charging 30 to 40 baht per bottle. The 1.5-litre bottles were the most popular, as they matched the daily consumption needs of the customers, reported KhaoSod.

Police charged Nuntawat with the illegal production of food containing kratom, a prohibited substance for commercial distribution. He, along with the seized items, was handed over to Police Lieutenant Anukul Chanjeak, Deputy Inspector (Investigation) at Min Buri Police Station, for further legal proceedings.

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