Gang of deaf suspects arrested in robberies

PHOTO: Police arrested four deaf suspects in a robbery bust. (via Siam Rath)

Authorities made an unusual arrest in Bangkok after a recent wave of robberies when they took four deaf suspects into custody. Police in Bangkok’s Sutthisan district arrested a gang of four deaf individuals for their involvement in a string of burglaries.

According to Siam Rath, the police received a report of trespassing from a caretaker of a property in the Samsen Nork subdistrict of Bangkok’s Huay Khwang district, leading them to investigate the incident.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police found the four suspects ransacking the property, most likely looking for valuables to steal. They were caught red-handed in the middle of the robbery and taken into custody.

But the police were flummoxed when they tried to interrogate the offenders. They were shocked to discover that all four suspects were deaf. They were unable to hear the officers and also unable to speak.

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The suspects were able to communicate effectively with the police only through writing in Thai, despite their inability to hear or speak. Police officers recruited a man who was able to communicate in sign language. He was brought to the police station to assist with the investigation.

After being questioned in sign language, the suspects admitted to trying to steal at the house. Three motorcycles were also taken into evidence as they were believed to have been stolen by the suspects. The deaf criminals also confirmed that the motorcycles were stolen.

It turns out this wasn’t the first time the deaf men had been in trouble with the law as well. All four deaf suspects had previous criminal records, including charges of drugs and theft.

Police charged the four men with nighttime trespass. They had a court date set for today and appeared in Rachada Court. No sentencing has been announced in the case yet.

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