Former deputy attorney-general to be investigated over serious wrongdoings in Red Bull hit-and-run case

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An investigation is to take place into alleged serious transgressions by a former deputy attorney-general involved in the 2012 hit-and-run case against Vorayuth Yoovidhya. Nate Naksuk is to be investigated over his decision to drop the charges against the Red Bull heir, who is accused of killing a Bangkok policeman in the hit-and-run incident.

The Bangkok Post reports that the investigation was ordered following yesterday’s meeting of the Public Prosecutor Commission, which was chaired by former attorney-general Pachara Yuttidhammadamrong. An earlier inquiry, chaired by Kayasit Pitsawongprakan from the PPC, had ruled that Nate had not committed any offence. That ruling however, was not endorsed at a recent PPC meeting on September 10.

At yesterday’s meeting, 9 out of 13 members found Nate had acted inappropriately and exercised poor judgement in deciding to drop the charges against Vorayuth. However, the Bangkok Post reports that attorney-general Wongsakul Kittipromwong and his deputy Chaiya Premprasert abstained from ruling that Nate had used poor judgement.

As a result of yesterday’s meeting, a team is being put together to investigate the former deputy attorney-general. The investigation will be chaired by Thanapit Mulpruek, formerly chief of the Department of Special Litigation. He is expected to appoint 2 other members. The panel will have up to 60 days to conclude the investigation, but Pachara adds that it can also be extended 3 times.

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If Nate is found guilty of serious disciplinary breaches, he could face dismissal. However, the former deputy attorney-general will have the right to appeal the decision against him by petitioning the Administrative Court.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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