Fearless Facebook page sells counterfeit banknotes

PHOTO: A Facebook page was fearlessly selling counterfeit Thai banknotes. (via Amarin TV)

Maybe he didn’t know it was illegal? Thai social media is aflutter over my Facebook page that unabashedly offered counterfeit Thai banknotes for sale. With fake money being offered for sale so brazenly, some people are even questioning whether these counterfeit bills are already in their wallets.

The popular Thai page Panda Lab Doctor brought attention to this website with a Thai name that translates to “Selling Banknotes.” The page was offering counterfeit money for sale to the general public and did not seem to fear any repercussions for so overtly offering such extremely illegal services.

The website hawking these illicit bills may have had altruistic intentions, as their sales pitch specifically says they should be used for paying off debt and not for tricking individual people. The convincing criminal advised on how to spend the money while soliciting customers, assuring them that it is okay to purchase and use the bills and that they are guaranteed to work.

“We don’t sell often but do so continuously, today we have another four million more. Anyone interested in ordering please enquire. They can be used to pay off debts, tuition fees, and car and house loans. These banknotes were specially made to be used not to deceive people, focus on practical use and sell notes that can be 100% used. There is not much left, it’s almost the end of the month, if you don’t know how to solve your problem consult me, I have counterfeit banknotes to use, guarantee no problems, and I am able to sell counterfeit bills.”

The counterfeiter’s comments that he was sending 2.8 million baht out and offering four million more for sale, but that there was not much left, suggested that he already sold a large number of counterfeit bills that were now in circulation. This sparked fears among Thai social media users that they may be receiving and using these counterfeit bills already without knowing it.

The original web page that Panda Lab Doctor linked to has now been removed, but two other strikingly similar ones have cropped up in its place. The pages “Sell and Exchange Banknotes” and “Selling Banknotes – Can Really Be Used” are still offering counterfeit Thai baht for sale online despite being highly illegal.

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Neill Fronde

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