Ex-airman confesses to Bangkok murder amidst pending charges for wife’s killing

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A former air force serviceman confessed to police today that he had murdered his friend in Bangkok. The murder took place yesterday in a rented house. It was revealed that he previously faced charges for killing his wife and was awaiting a sentence for the crime.

The victim, 37 year old Pronanan, was found last night with his throat slit in a rented house in the Bang Khen Market area in the Lak Si district of Bangkok.

Two suspects were apprehended in relation to the case, one being 43 year old Thertkiat, an ex-airman, and 53 year old Thaworn, a frequent drinking companion. While initially interviewed in an inebriated state, later on, Thertkiat became lucid and admitted his involvement in Pronanan’s murder to the police. He said that he committed the act alone.

Thaworn was cleared after he was found to not be an eye-witness to the incident and was the one to alert the police about Pronanan’s death, reported KhaoSod.

Bangkok Police proceeded with an in-depth investigation into the murder, gathering witnesses and evidence as per legal procedures.

Thertkiat had previously been implicated in a case concerning his wife’s death two years prior. His spouse died after being hit by a soda bottle, causing significant bleeding and leading to her demise. For this crime too, Thertkiat had been awaiting sentencing. The shocking reveal of his previous history threw a new light on the current investigation.

In related news a week ago, the husband of a 44 year old woman found dead in her rented room confessed to her murder and shed on a history of domestic abuse.

The police took note of the fact that the deceased had lodged three complaints against her husband for physical abuse. The accused husband, now in custody, confessed to the murder, stating that their escalating disputes had led him to lose control. To read more click HERE.

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