Durian dispute turns fatal: Man confesses to brutal murder of elderly buyer in southern Thailand

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A brutal murder took a shocking turn yesterday when the perpetrator confessed to the police. The alleged murderer, 24 year old Muhammad Rusli turned himself in, admitting to killing 71 year old durian buyer named Jaelong Baluebae. Rusli revealed that he had buried the elderly man near a canal in the Taya village, Narathiwat province, southern Thailand, after a heated argument turned fatal on September 6. The victim’s body was discovered by villagers on Saturday, September 9.

The brutal murder unfolded when the victim visited Rusli’s durian orchard on September 6. The pair engaged in a heated argument which escalated when Rusli, in a fit of rage, hit Jaelong with a spade, causing fatal injuries. He then concealed the body in a rice bag and buried it near the canal, fearing someone might discover the corpse. Rusli then fled and hid in Pattani province.

However, the guilt and anxiety of his actions took a toll on him. Sleep eluded him for several nights, leading to his decision to surrender to the police. Upon his confession, the police charged him with murder and concealing a corpse, reported KhaoSod.

The victim’s daughter expressed her relief at the quick apprehension of the culprit involved in the brutal murder but mourned the loss of her father. She stated that there had been no previous quarrels between Rusli and her father, who only interacted during durian purchases. She expressed her grief and hoped that no other family should undergo a similar ordeal.

In Thailand, there has been a concerning surge in brutal murder cases. One such incident involved a 49 year old noodle vendor who now faces arrest for the alleged murder of a 63 year old moneylender in Lampang. This grim event unfolded due to a dispute over loan repayment, spiralling rapidly into a violent confrontation. Read more about the story HERE.

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