Debtor crashes and kills loan shark while trying to collect debt

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A debtor crashed his pickup into a loan shark and killed the victim while trying to collect a debt from his wife at a house in the Nonthaburi province near Bangkok.

Officers from the Rattanathibet Police Station were called to investigate a car accident at a house in Soi Pracha Niwet 3 in Nonthaburi province at 9pm on December 15. Officers reported that the front of the house had been destroyed. Furniture and equipment were strewn across the road.

A white Isuzu pickup was found attached to an electric pole in front of the house. A motorcycle, a black Honda PCX, was underneath the pickup and the body of the motorcyclist, 36 year old Sumate Samniangwan, was found slumped against the electric pole. He had broken bones all over his body, including his skull.

Two other damaged vehicles were found at the scene, including a white Suzuki Swift and a green GPX motorcycle. A neighbour who witnessed the incident said the deceased was a loan shark who often collected money at the house. The witness saw the pickup speed up and intentionally hit the deceased.

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The pickup driver, 36 year old Boonyarit Thanchalerm, reportedly escaped from the scene on a motorcycle taxi. Boonyarit’s girlfriend, 27 year old Sirinya Poondia, presented herself at the scene. She revealed that she rented the house and lived with her child and Boonyanit.

Siriya initially denied involvement in the accident. She said she was with Boonyarit for two months and did not see the moment when the accident occurred. Her boyfriend already disappeared when she went out home to check.

Informal debt leads to murder

Officers were not convinced by Siriya’s words and invited her to the police station for further questioning.

Siriya finally admitted that Sumate was her loan shark. She borrowed 13,000 baht from Sumate and paid back 700 baht a day for over three months, but was unable to pay off the debt.

Siriya said she needed money for her operation and urged Sumate to allow her to stop paying the debt, but Sumate did not agree. Sumate continued to come to her house to collect the debt, just like that day. Sumate made a loud noise and told her to come out of the house and give him money, but she was afraid to come out.

Siriya went on to explain that she had urged her boyfriend, Boonyarit, to come to the house and help her. Boonyarit may have been angry with Sumater and decided to kill the loan shark.

Boonyarit is now on the run. Officers reported that he was also wanted for a previous attempted murder charge in 2016.

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