Fuelled for trouble: Police pickup Thai thief’s cross-province chase ends in arrest

Picture courtesy of KhaoSod.

A young man sparked a cross-province chase after stealing a police pickup truck from a station in Phichit and fleeing to a petrol station where he fuelled up and left without paying. The incident, which took place today, ended in Sing Buri, where the police finally apprehended the suspect.

The director of Bueng Na Rang Police Station in Phichit revealed the details of the unusual case. At around 6.30am, the station received a report stating that a man had stolen a police truck with licence plate 45865 while the officer on duty was asleep. The officer had just returned from a local incident at around 4am when the theft occurred.

Upon reviewing CCTV footage, the police found that the man had approached the station seeking help. However, when he found the officer asleep and the keys left unattended, he seized the opportunity to steal the truck and drove off in the direction of Saraburi, reported KhaoSod.

The chase ended in Sing Buri. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the man was a psychiatric patient on his way to meet his mother who worked at a hotel in Pattaya, Chon Buri province. The police have filed initial charges and are currently conducting a mental health examination to determine the suspect’s mental state.

In August, a 26 year old Nigerian led Thai police on a frenzied car chase across Phuket in an attempt to escape charges that escalated and escalated the more police uncovered. The incident unfolded in the afternoon in Thalang, when the Phuket Immigration Police, along with officers from the Cherng Talay Police Station began trailing a suspicious sedan driving through.

When they attempted to pull the car over, it sped off, resulting in a car chase that spanned an impressive 20 kilometres. It traversed several towns starting from Cherng Talay, cutting across Pa Klok and Koh Kaew before finally reaching a dramatic end in Kathu. To read more click HERE

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