Cigarette brand mockery leads to knife attack in Samut Prakan

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A heated dispute escalated into a knife attack last night, involving two men in the Bang Sao Thong district, Samut Prakan province, following a jest about a brand of cigarettes. The police arrived at the scene following the incident.

The instigator, identified only as 37 year old Tadphon, was found with a nearly 10-centimetre long knife wound to his head. Meanwhile, 41 year old Somchai, the man accused of the stabbing, was taken into custody by the local police, having suffered minor injuries to his left wrist. A 29 year old witness, identified as Rattanaphon, explained the situation to the police.

Rattanaphon stated that the disagreement originated from Tadphon’s uninvited mockery of Somchai’s choice of cigarettes while both were in a nearby shop. Somchai remained silent during the mockery, only expressing his disgruntlement when Tadphon made fun of his choice of ‘green’ cigarettes, a cooler variant, implying that Somchai was not courageous. An angered Somchai subsequently retreated to his room, retrieved a knife, and returned to physically engage with Tadphon, during which the knife was used, reported KhaoSod.

Somchai’s aunt, who did not wish to be named, added that her nephew was usually peaceful and rarely initiated conflicts. She further stated that Somchai informed her of the verbal abuse he had received, leading him to retrieve the knife to settle the argument. Piqued by the insults, he ran back to his room, grabbed a knife, and decided to stand up for himself.

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On his part, Somchai insisted that he merely intended to buy cigarettes, and was unexpectedly taunted by Tadphon, who he claims he didn’t know prior to the incident. He added that the barrage of insults denigrating him and his family led him to the brink, triggering the unfortunate event.

Four days ago, a bare-chested 60 year old man, sporting a traditional Thai tiger tattoo, survived a knife attack after becoming embroiled in a domestic argument with a friend and his wife, causing chaos in the quiet Samut Prakan neighbourhood. To read more click HERE.

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