Unleashed tragedy: Family pit bulls turn from pets to predators, fatally maul bedridden Thai owner

Photo via Facebook/ ลำปางซะป๊ะ BY เขลางค์นครโพสต์

Two family pet pit bulls yesterday attacked and killed their elderly bedridden owner at a house in the Hang Chat district in the northern province of Lampang.

The rescue team yesterday was notified about the death of a 78 year old Thai man named Pratheep. Upon investigating the deceased’s room on the first floor of the house, rescuers discovered a terrifying scene usually reserved for horror movies: Pratheep lying dead on his bed with gaping flesh wounds all over his face.

Pratheep’s brother-in-law, Chalong, revealed to the rescue team that he was attacked by the family’s two pit bulls named Big and Black. He reckoned that the dogs gained entry into the room by tearing through the window’s mosquito net in the early hours of the incident day.

Chalong recounted that he woke in the morning and went to Pratheep’s room to discover the shocking scene. The room was splattered and stained with blood, and Pratheep’s skull was exposed to the elements due to the severity of the injuries.

Chalong stated that the two pit bulls always visit Pratheep in the room. He did not expect that the dogs would savage him to death. He added that they probably attacked because they were hot and hungry.

Chalong sought help from a non-profit organisation to take the dogs away. He said…

“Six family members live together in the house. Everybody has their own bedroom on the second floor, except Pratheep. He stayed on the first floor for his convenience. I never imagined that this would occur. I wish any relevant department or the Watchdog Thailand Foundation to take the pit bulls. We are scared of them now, our neighbours as well.”

A 64 year old neighbour, Wiruang Jodnork, revealed that the two pit bulls killed his pet dog last year. The dogs broke into his house and savaged his pet dog resulting in its death.

He attempted to help his dog by pouring water on them and shouting but the two dogs were not disturbed. The pit bulls looked very scary, and he had to hide in the house until the pit bulls’ owner arrived to retrieve them.

Wiruang added that he was very scared of the two dogs but did not expect that the dogs could kill their owner.

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