Chinese man found in pond bound, beaten, and murdered

A Chinese murder victim was found bound, beaten and covered in a pond in Rayong. (via Lost Habitat)

The lifeless body of a Chinese man has been discovered in a pond in Rayong, sending shockwaves through the community. The unsettling murder presented a grim scene, with the victim, identified as 26 year old Chinese national Tang Zongfei, exhibiting visible head injuries and being covered by a black cloth.

Furthermore, the Chinese man’s limbs were ensnared by wires, heightening the morbid mystery surrounding this baffling murder. Authorities are now delving into the circumstances surrounding his demise.

Initial information was gleaned from security footage that picked up that Tang Zongfei leaving his apartment complex around 1am on Thursday. The superintendent of Pluak Daeng Police, Pol Col Chaiyapong Sangpongchai, confirmed this detail. That would be the last time anyone saw him alive.

Concerns arose when Tang failed to appear at his workplace the following day. Apprehensive colleagues subsequently embarked on a search at his residence. They made the grim discovery later that evening. The body of the Chinese man was found submerged in Bueng Pradit Pond in Pluak Daeng, murdered approximately two kilometres from his apartment.

In an effort to piece together the puzzle, police summoned five of Tang’s associates, hailing from both Thai and Chinese backgrounds, for questioning about the man and the murder. Despite their efforts, no definitive suspicious motives have emerged.

Notably, a thorough examination of Tang’s living quarters indicated that none of his personal belongings were missing. Pol Col Chaiyapong underscored the mysterious nature of the Chinese man’s murder.

“The cause of death remains unclear. There was no indication that Tang had a row with anyone at home or in the office.”

On a mission to unearth more clues, investigators revisited the location where the body was recovered and scoured Tang’s apartment for additional evidence. The subsequent autopsy furnished intriguing insights, revealing that Tang had suffered head trauma.

However, contrary to initial assumptions, no other signs of physical violence were detected on his body. Curiously, his hands were unbound, standing in stark contrast to the tightly bound wires encircling his neck and legs.

The attending doctor posited that the head injury might not have been the direct cause of death. When found, Tang was without his shirt and wearing green shorts. Police are unsure if this is an unrelated detail or a clue that only deepens the enigma surrounding the Chinese man’s murder.

Tang Zongfei was previously employed at Zhongce Rubber Co Ltd, a wheel-manufacturing company based in the Amata City industrial estate in Rayong. As authorities continue their rigorous investigation, the truth behind Tang’s untimely demise remains shrouded in mystery.

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