Quiet burglary in bustling Bangkok: Thief snatches valuables as family sleeps

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In the heart of a quiet Bangkok residential area, a hushed invasion unfolded as a burglar stealthily moved through a household, stealing valuables with chilling precision while the homeowner, his partner and their one year old daughter slept soundly nearby.

The homeowner, Anukul, a 30 year old factory engineer, woke on August 3 to find that his home, 13 Bang Yai, Nonthaburi, near Bangkok had been broken into. The intruder entered through the kitchen door, which had been left unlocked. He then rummaged through the house, stealing a cash box from the top of the bed and various items from around the room. There were two adults and a one year old child asleep in the house at the time. The stolen goods included cash, bags, and religious items.

The intruder then scaled the fence to go next door to house number 12, owned by Phuttamonkon, a 32 year old businessman. They forced entry through a mosquito net at the back of the house and stole a wristwatch and car key before escaping through the fence at the back. Both victims immediately contacted the local police after the discovery of the break-ins.

The placid spectacle of suburban theft was brought into sharp focus when Anukul reviewed the footage captured by his home’s security system. His concern was deeply exacerbated upon realising that his family was sleeping in their bedroom throughout the burglary, reported Sanook.

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The thief made a series of over-reverberating loops through the house, coolly ransacking possessions while spending an estimated substantial amount of time on the property. When Phuttamonkon discovered items were missing around 7.30am, he initially thought he had forgotten where he had left them.

Fallen religious items, a missed alarm, and the brute evidence of the security footage soon revealed the chilling truth. The value of the stolen property is estimated to be around 8,000 to 9,000 baht. The religious items were later found in house number 12 and returned to Anukul. The sense of violation has left a lingering fear among household members.

The victims revealed to Bangkok Police they are now more attentive towards their safety and have installed additional security measures in their homes.

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