Thief in lion’s clothing: Dance troupe man nabbed

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A 37 year old man associated with a lion dance troupe was apprehended for a string of thefts targeting drunk individuals and the homeless sleeping in public areas. A 37 year old man was arrested following a police operation in Bangkok’s Thonburi district after being under investigation for mobile phone and cash thefts, which he admitted to committing to finance his expenses.

In the dead of night, a lion dance troupe member turned to crime, stealing from vulnerable individuals asleep by the roadside. Sumet found himself ensnared by law enforcement after over 10 incidents of theft.

The arrest, executed yesterday, May 8 around 3.30pm on Soi Taksin 22, culminated from an investigation sparked by a January 28 complaint. A victim awoke at a bus stop to find their iPhone 11 missing, leading to a police inquiry that traced the thefts back to the performer.

The case unfolded when a theft victim approached the police from the Metropolitan Police Bureau’s Division 2 to report their missing iPhone in the early hours of January 28. The police’s investigation led them to Sumet, who performed in a lion dance ensemble based in the Talat Phlu market area.

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The evidence gathered was compelling enough for the police to issue an arrest warrant for Sumet on May 3, charging him with theft during the night using a vehicle to facilitate the offence.

Upon arrest, Sumet confessed to his crimes during the interrogation, detailing his modus operandi. He would ride his motorcycle between 8pm and 5am, seeking out drunk people or the homeless sleeping at bus stops and other public areas as potential victims.

His haul typically included mobile phones, wallets, and other valuable items, which he would sell at a second-hand market at the Mor Mi intersection near Yaowarat, Bangkok’s Chinatown. The proceeds were spent on his personal needs.

Sumet’s arrest was not a chance occurrence, it was the result of a targeted police stakeout in the vicinity of Soi Taksin 22. As soon as he appeared, the police identified themselves and took him into custody without incident, reported KhaoSod.

Following the arrest, Sumet was handed over to the investigative officers at Phaya Thai Police Station to proceed with legal action.

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