Sexcapades scam: Bangkok conman caught with pants down

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A notorious Bangkok conman operating within the sex industry, known by the alias “Meen Rama 3” has been apprehended in a sting operation orchestrated by the Bangkok Metropolitan Police. The 33 year old man, Kittikorn, was arrested for posing as a modelling agent to deceive and assault more than 50 young sex workers, as well as for robbing them of their cash savings.

He was arrested today following a complex investigation. The Thai authorities successfully cornered Kittikorn in a rented room in Phetchabun province. He was wanted under an arrest warrant issued on May 7 for theft using a vehicle to facilitate the crime and to avoid arrest, alongside suspicions of his assaults.

His capture was a significant breakthrough in a case that has been under the scrutiny of Bangkok’s nightlife scene for more than three years.

Kittikorn, under his alias, infiltrated online groups of adult entertainers, posing as a female modelling agent. He targeted women with specific physical attributes looking for work, luring them with promises of wealthy clients.

Once he gained their trust, he would arrange to meet them in the Rama 3 area of Bangkok. There, he would trick them into withdrawing all their cash under the pretence of a bet with a friend about how much money the entertainers carried.

Upon meeting, instead of the promised modelling job, the victims would be subjected to severe abuse and robbed of their cash.

Changing aliases

The criminal’s modus operandi involved changing his online persona from a modelling agent to a customer, flaunting wealth to retain the victims’ trust. He would use various tactics to delay payment until after the supposed job was completed.

Victims who questioned this arrangement were coerced with threats of violence, including the use of a firearm, essentially leaving them with no choice but to comply.

The extent of Kittikorn’s crimes came to light when entertainers in the industry conducted their investigation, uncovering that there were more than 50 victims.

However, most were too ashamed to report the incidents to the police, fearing public exposure and threats from Kittikorn to release compromising videos.

Eventually, two victims sought help from the Sai Mai Must Survive Facebook page, leading to an official police report and investigation. Police tracked Kittikorn to a major gang in the Rama 3 area.

Before his arrest, Kittikorn challenged the authorities, claiming that they would not be able to find him. Alongside this, he sent pictures of his handgun, in a strange attempt to scare the investigative authorities.

A tip-off led the police to the discovery of an undercover operation at a dessert shop, serving as a front for a kratom juice production site, which provided the lead that ultimately led to his arrest.

Repeat offender

Kittikorn had previously served time for drug-related offences and, upon his release, worked various jobs, including as a food delivery rider.

During his work, he became acquainted with a woman named Ae (a pseudonym), a modelling agent who procured entertainers. It was through Ae that Kittikorn learned the trade and eventually devised his scheme to exploit the entertainers.

Upon his arrest, Kittikorn denied the allegations of theft and assault. He claimed that his intent was never to harm said entertainers, instead stating his desire to end his involvement. He expressed shock at the police’s swift action, as he had been in contact with them just hours before his capture.

Kittikorn, now in police custody, faces legal proceedings for his crimes, reported Khaosod.

This case underscores the importance of diligence and coordination in police work, ultimately bringing a dangerous criminal to justice and providing a measure of relief to his numerous victims.

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