15 year old stabbed at private school

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Earlier this week, a mother posted on Facebook to detail her story about her grade 9, 15 year old getting stabbed in school. The stabbing happened at a private school in the northern Phitsanulok Province.

The student had been stabbed by a classmate and was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

Thai media had contacted 35 year old Orasa Singhavee to ask what happened to her son.

Orasa says she got a call from a teacher at lunch. The teacher says ‘Tonnam” was stabbed and sent to a private hospital. Further, he had to be moved to Phutchinrat Hospital for surgery. The teacher told Orasa that her son had allegedly been bullying a friend since grade 7 and the “friend” had a lot of pent up anger over the bullying that finally came out when he stabbed his other “friend”.

The mother disputes this and says her son is introverted who prefers to be alone. She says Tonnam has no history of altercations with other students.

Following the news her son had been stabbed, Orasa went to the hospital and learned her son had multiple injuries, some that were life threatening. Reportedly, the alleged assailant’s parents came to the hospital to apologise. They stayed at the hospital until Tonnam’s surgery was finished then went home at 2 am.

Tonnam’s 48 year old uncle, Prachum Santipromwong, says he is confused why a prestigious school would let such an incident take place.

Tonnam is said to be in serious condition following the attack.

SOURCE: Thai Residents

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