On-arrival tourist visa might be extended to allow 45 day stays

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Thailand’s on-arrival tourist visa might be extended from 30 days to 45 days to lure more visitors. The extra 15 days added on would make up for the mandatory 2 week quarantine required for those entering the country.

National Security Council secretary general Nathapol Nakpanit, who leads a business easing committee, says the committee members plan to propose the idea to the government. The 45-day tourist visa would apply to visitors from the 56 countries already eligible for the 30-day on-arrival visa.

Don’t plan a trip just yet… Thailand isn’t allowing tourists to enter without a previously issued visa at the moment. The 2 main options for tourists are a 60-day tourist visa and the new Special Tourist Visa.

Thailand’s Special Tourist Visa was launched to make up for the losses following a 7 month-period without international tourist arrivals. The visa allows a 90 day stay that can be extended twice, adding up to about 9 months. The visa is usually limited to those travelling from “low risk countries.”

Recently, some Thai embassies started listing revised information for 60-day tourist visas. Check, check, check with your local embassy before planning a trip to Thailand.


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