E-visas now available in 38 cities, 23 countries

PHOTO: E-visas have been expanded to 38 cities in 23 countries. (via www.thaievisa.go.th)

Travelling to Thailand just got a little bit easier. E-visa services have now been launched by the Royal Thai Embassy and Consulates-General in 23 different countries. Some 38 cities around the world are now able to process applications and grant electronic visas for people to enter Thailand.

The service is available in 19 countries throughout Europe, as well as in the United States, Canada, China, and South Korea. Applicants will be able to apply through these embassies or consulates online through a special e-visa website.

Many different types of visas are available as e-visas. The most common are tourist visas, business visas, and investor visas. People applying for non-immigrant visas can also apply ED for studying, O for visiting family and friends, and F for government or diplomatic travel.

Long-term resident visas and long-stay visas will also be able to be issued electronically. Smart visas and other official and diplomatic visas will be able to be done online as well. People who are approved will receive their e-visas through email.

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The list of countries and cities where people can apply for e-visas is as follows:

    • Austria
      • Vienna
    • Belgium
      • Brussels
    • Czech Republic
      • Prague
    • Denmark
      • Copenhagen
    • Finland
      • Helsinki
    • France
      • Paris
    • Germany
      • Berlin
      • Frankfurt
      • Munich
    • Greece
      • Athens
    • Hungary
      • Budapest
    • Italy
      • Rome
    • Netherlands
      • The Hague
    • Norway
      • Oslo
    • Poland
      • Warsaw
    • Portugal
      • Lisbon
    • Romania
      • Bucharest
    • Spain
      • Madrid
    • Sweden
      • Stockholm
    • Switzerland
      • Bern
    • United Kingdom
      • London
    • Canada
      • Ottowa
      • Vancouver
    • United States of America
      • Chicago
      • Los Angeles
      • New York
      • Washington DC
  • ASIA
    • China
      • Beijing
      • Chengdu
      • Guangzhou
      • Hong Kong
      • Kunming
      • Nanning
      • Qingdao
      • Xiamen
      • Xian
    • South Korea
      • Seoul

More information can be found on www.thaievisa.go.th or by phone by calling +66 (0) 2572-8442.

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