The Brass Bar unveils L’EXPÉRIENCE NOUVEAU

The Brass Bar Presents Expérience NouveauAn Art Nouveau Inspired Cocktail Menu

The Brass Bar is excited to introduce its new cocktail list Expérience Nouveau. It is an intriguingly elegant cocktail that marries classic mixology with the fine charm of Art Nouveau. Ideally, each drink stands on its own, as Alphonse Mucha’s Les Saisons,on the menu of Expérience Nouveau.The menu is designed with the idea of Art Nouveau in mind, a celebration of its organic forms found in nature and the intricate details of the design movement in taste and look.

Key new menu items include:

Spring: Lively fusion of Gin, Elderflower, and Peach, with Champagne and garnished with Damask Roses.

Summer: An opulent blend of Cognac, fresh Figs, and Fig Leaves, bringing to mind the richness of summer in all its fullness.

Autumn: A blend full of richness from Calvados, Pear, and Bitter Orange, reminiscent of the deep rich tones of autumn.

Winter: a revitalizing blend of Vodka, Absinthe, Crème de Cacao, Strawberry, and Bergamot, evocative of winter’s crisp, fresh, and cold air.

Join us at The Brass Bar for this exclusive experience and taste the art of cocktail craftsmanship like never before.

The Brass Bar is open daily from 6pm until midnight For more information and reservations, please call 02-234-2588 or

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