SynergyLabs ICP Hub accelerator program 2024: Empowering Web3 projects

Are you an entrepreneur or developer with a groundbreaking idea or early-stage project in the blockchain space? The Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) ecosystem is buzzing with excitement, and the SynergyLabs ICP Hub Accelerator Program 2024 is your gateway to transforming your vision into a market-ready reality. As the first Web3 ICP accelerator in Thailand, SynergyLabs provides comprehensive support to blockchain projects across all stages of maturity.

Program Structure: A Dual-Phase Approach

The ICP Accelerator Program 2024 is uniquely designed with two distinct yet interconnected phases, catering to projects at various stages of maturity and ambition.

Phase 1: Ideation to MVP (Day 0 — Day 90)

The foundational phase is tailored for idea-stage entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. Over the course of 90 days, participants will engage in:

Educational Sessions: Intensive learning modules to grasp blockchain fundamentals and the ICP’s unique value proposition.

Strategic Planning: Goal-setting using the “Framework for Self-Paced Enterprise Growth” and refining ideas with mentor guidance.

Pitching and Refinement: Weekly pitch events for feedback and project refinement.

Mentorship and ZeroFunding: Personalized mentorship and the opportunity to receive grants from $3,000 to $5,000 to build MVPs.

Key Milestones: Weekly pitches, progress blogs/vlogs, and an MVP presentation with funding evaluation.

Phase 2: Scaling and Market Entry (Day 91 onwards)

For projects ready to scale and enter the market, Phase 2 offers a hybrid online/offline experience:

Development Sprints: Guided by experienced DevOps teams to refine technical infrastructure.

Educational Curriculum: Advanced topics like tokenomics, compliance, marketing strategies, and user experience design.

Community Engagement: Opportunities to engage with the ICP community and prepare for token launches on the Service Nervous System (SNS).

Final Presentations: Culminating in final project showcases and SNS proposal submissions.

Internet computer

Funding Support

Promising Phase 2 projects may receive financial backing to cover development costs and facilitate market readiness. Funding is allocated based on criteria such as innovation, roadmap adherence, and ecosystem alignment, with disbursement tied to milestone achievements.

Support Ecosystem

Throughout the program, participants will have access to a robust support system:

Mentorship: Industry leaders and experts provide guidance and insights.

Resources: Workshops, webinars, and educational materials.

Community: A vibrant network of like-minded innovators and collaborators.

Diversity and Inclusion

The ICP Accelerator Program 2024 celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity, actively seeking applications from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. This diversity fuels innovation and ensures the ICP ecosystem reflects the multitude of viewpoints that enrich the blockchain space.

Post-Program Integration

Graduating from the Accelerator Program marks the start of an ongoing support system. Successful graduates will have the opportunity to integrate their market-ready projects into the ICP ecosystem, opening avenues for community support, potential funding through SNS-backed token launches, and ongoing access to investors and strategic partnerships. Alumni projects gain access to the extensive investor network, strategic partnership opportunities, and continuous visibility within the ICP ecosystem. Furthermore, the program provides access to a $15 million acceleration fund and connections to venture capital and angel investors.

Guidance from Industry Experts

The program features venture capital investors as mentors, offering valuable insights and access to deal flows. These investors have led investments at renowned funds such as Fenbushi Capital, Fundamental Labs, Softbank Vision Fund, NewTribe Capital, and Cypher Capital. Their expertise ensures that each project receives the mentorship required for exponential growth.

Future Opportunities with the Olympus Platform

SynergyLabs Accelerator projects can also be featured on the Olympus platform, a consolidated hub for transparent project acceleration. Here, projects gain access to grants, crowdfunding, VC investments, and referrals, all on-chain. As an ecosystem pipeline, Olympus channels and curates projects from over 40 countries, helping them join a network of distributed accelerators, raise funds, and access global talent.

Investors benefit from early access to transparent, globally vetted projects, enabling them to identify high-potential startups while providing strategic support.


The SynergyLabs ICP Hub Accelerator Program 2024 provides a strong foundation for Web3 and blockchain projects, empowering them to grow, scale, and succeed in the dynamic world of decentralized technology. Through comprehensive support, mentorship, and access to a vast network, SynergyLabs is a leading force in Thailand’s blockchain ecosystem. Embark on this transformative journey and be part of the vanguard shaping the evolution of the Internet Computer Protocol. Apply [here].

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