What is a TEFL Certificate? Is it necessary for teaching in Thailand?

Teaching English in Thailand is an exciting and rewarding experience. Indeed, the essential qualification for teaching English is a high level of fluency in the language. But what determines it when teaching abroad? If you’re already browsing for teaching jobs in Thailand, you’ve certainly come across the ‘TEFL certificate’ as one of the requirements. What is TEFL, and do you need a TEFL certificate to secure a teaching position in Thailand?

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It is a type of certification that enables teachers to teach English to students whose first language is not English in countries where English is not the primary language.

What are the criteria for the TEFL certificate?

TEFL certificate standards may vary depending on the organization offering the course. Generally, the criteria include a minimum of 120 hours of instruction, including 6-10 hours of observed teaching practice.

The course covers various topics related to teaching English, such as language analysis and lesson planning. The curriculum also provides preparation for successfully managing a classroom of students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Some organizations may even offer job placement assistance and ongoing support for TEFL teachers!

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Where can you get the TEFL certificate?

TEFL certificates are available from various providers, both online and in-person.

Online providers range from universities and colleges to specialized TEFL certificates course providers, such as International TEFL Academy, Bridge TEFL, and TEFLPros.

Many schools and training centres in Thailand offer TEFL certification, such as SEE TEFL and TEFL Heaven, located in beautiful locations like Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. Be mindful that courses vary by price, training duration, and other benefits like job placement.

Does the TEFL certificate expire?

Great news; the TEFL certification is recognized worldwide and has no expiration date.

Is the TEFL certificate important?

Yes, a TEFL certificate is essential for anyone teaching English abroad. It is a way for employers to verify that you are a qualified teacher. Though a TEFL certificate is not stated as a requirement in some job positions, the certificate gives you an advantage over other candidates. So, it definitely increases your chance of securing a teaching job in Thailand!

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