Musk’s Twitter cuts keep Thai pedo clips online

Profitable clips of art teacher and victims circulate on Twitter for many days

A number of video clips showing alleged sexual abuse by a Thai art teacher and his underage victims have been circulating on Twitter for many days now.

The videos first appeared on January 17. Prachatai English found the videos circulating the same day the suspect was arrested by police in Nakhon Ratchasima. The teacher, identified by local media as “Kanthapit,” is accused of filming his sexual encounters with multiple students, including underage individuals, at the school where he worked.

It is unclear who originally posted the Thai pedo clips to Twitter but they are quickly making rounds and much “liked.”

One user account that shared the videos has picked up 34,000 followers in recent days. Some of the videos, which appear to show explicit sexual acts between Kanthapit and a minor have been viewed at least half a million times, according to Twitter.

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A reporter for Prachatai English first reported the videos to Twitter on January 19, and flagged them as “child sexual exploitation.” No reply was received, or action taken as of press time.

The episode reflects testimony by victims of sexual abuse in many parts of the world. Videos of their plight find their way to social media and continue to be readily available, long after the crimes were committed.

It is unclear – and completely irrelevant – whether the failure by Twitter to swiftly remove the videos is directly due to Elon Musk’s savage job cuts at the once-mighty Twitter. The clips should not be on display. They should never have been posted and should be removed immediately, regardless of the costs to those shareholders who profit from this kind of thing. The world does not need Musk’s perverted peepshow.

The billionaire has demonstrated huge concern for his wealth and the wealth of his shareholders, while the victims of sexual abuse are used to satisfy the perverted tastes of Twitter viewers and drive traffic.

Musk axed a large number of technicians overseeing the site’s safety and content moderation – workers who generally reduce the company’s popularity by excising high-profit, high-offence content. Extreme content of this nature powers Twitter’s profits while providing a sewer for filth for perverts to drink from.

Kanthapit was caught only when he accidentally posted the Thai pedo clips of himself and his victims on the school’s LINE chat group. He was immediately suspended from his job. The victims were identified to be students from Grade 9 to Grade 12, aged 14 – 18 years old.

Before police arrested Kanthapit, the art teacher made a so-called attempt at suicide, stabbing himself in the chest with a knife on January 17. His injuries were said to be non-life threatening but certainly made it very easy for police to arrest the pervert in the hospital on rape charges, among others.

Kanthapit was granted bail on 19 January. Since then many more victims and their parents have come forward to file charges against Kanthapit.

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