Top 5 reasons renting a pool villa is better than booking a hotel on your next trip to Thailand

Boasting beautiful coastlines, stunning islands, crystal clear waters, lush tropical rainforests, and gleaming Buddhist temples, it’s easy to see why Thailand is a dream destination for many people. When it comes to planning a trip to Thailand, one of the most common inclinations for most travellers is to look for a hotel. However, today, a pool villa can be a better option than your traditional 5-star hotel. Let us explain why.

1. Total privacy

One of the main perks of staying in a pool villa is the unmatched privacy that you won’t get even in 5-star hotels. Noisy fellow guests can really make your holiday time stressful instead of relaxing, especially if you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful time.

Since the villa will be all yours during your entire stay, it is totally private and can be extremely quiet. You won’t run into strangers in the hallway or splash around the pool with a bunch of people you don’t know. It allows you to completely unwind the moment you enter the door.

If you’re travelling with kids, the privacy that a pool villa offers allows kids to be kids. They can play, run around, and have fun without disturbing the other guests or messing with other aspects of the space. Giving kids the ability to play all they want can make your trip all the more relaxing and fun.

Pool villas give kids freedom to have fun

2. The pool is always open

Most hotel pools aren’t open 24 hours and will usually close around 8pm. However, if you stay in a pool villa, you can use the pool no matter how late or early in the day it is. This means that you can enjoy an early morning or nighttime swim if you want to. Also, you won’t have to share the pool with anyone else. Whether you want to enjoy a quick dip after sunset or want to splash around with kids in the morning, it’s completely yours! You can have the freedom to set your own schedule because everything is on your time.

3. More space, obviously

Space is a big reason why a pool villa is better than a hotel room. As we all know, a hotel room is limited to 1 or 2 bedrooms. Pool villas, on the other hand, generally have 2 to 6 bedrooms with a lounge room, an entertainment area, and even their own kitchen. Some bigger pool villas will have private gardens, outdoor gazebos, BBQ areas, cinema rooms, and gyms.

Having adequate spacing is extremely important, especially for large families, groups, or couples with kids. Aside from enjoying both indoor and outdoor spaces, a villa allows you to comfortably spread out and not feel like you’re living on top of each other. Moreover, most families and groups in hotels will have to stay in individual hotel rooms without a common room to chat and hang out. This can really limit your activities. In a villa, you can involve everyone in the festivities. Therefore, it provides a better “family and friends” experience than individual hotel rooms.

4. Better value for money

The assumption that hotels offer the best rates is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about travelling. Yes, at an initial glance, staying in a villa may look pricey. But suppose you are booking an extended stay or travelling with a group of people. In that case, you’ll find that not many hotels can compete with the value of money you get from renting a pool villa.

Staying in a hotel can actually be more expensive, especially once you add in all the snacks by the pool, the mini-bar splurges, etc. The prices with taxes can really put a dent in your wallet.

Whether you want to stay in a 3 bedroom or 12 bedroom villa, the room rates are usually more affordable than a 5-star hotel. Plus, with the extra amenities, like laundry, a full kitchen, a private pool, and a gym, you can save significantly on expensive charges for activities, food, and drink. You can stock up on snacks by the pool, cook for yourself, or have BBQ nights and hang out around the pool with your friends. Doing this can save you a lot over the length of your trip.

Top 5 reasons renting a pool villa is better than booking a hotel on your next trip to Thailand | News by Thaiger

5. Personalised holiday

Staying in a pool villa means you can travel in your own style. You can customise your experience entirely to your needs and tastes, which is an experience that even 5-star hotels can’t match.

For example, if you want to stay fit and healthy during your trip, you can find a villa with a great private gym. If you want to unwind and get away from your busy life, you can choose a secluded villa with an en-suite spa. For eco-conscious travellers, lots of villas in Thailand are adjusting and providing eco-friendly options. Those travelling with kids can find a villa with game rooms. The possibility is endless!

A pool villa really provides an amazing backdrop to a memorable holiday. Thailand is a great country to enjoy affordable luxury, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t shoot higher than 5-star hotels.

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