Owning pets for Thai people found to be increasingly popular

Owning pets for Thai people has been found to be increasingly popular, according to data from Euromonitor. Data from the site has indicated that the number of Thais who count pets as family members has increased by 3% from 2019 to 2022. The number is expected to continue to rise as more Thais take a liking to pets.

In 2019, around 34% of Thai households had dogs or cats with that number increasing to 37% in 2022. According to Thailand Business News, part of the increase in pet ownership is attributed to the Covid pandemic. Those who worked from home or were self-quarantining at home took a liking to pets to help them stay relaxed.

The data is indicative of the wants and needs of Thais’ residential living, providing a clue for housing developers to allow pets in the future. The trend of Gen Z, Gen Y, and the elderly population who prefer having animals as companions is on the upswing.

Those generations have reported that pets can help with loneliness. For those who are without children, pets have taken the place of additional family members.

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Such residential properties may consider the trend by building more low-rise housing projects with good ventilation to allow pets to easily go outside.

As inflation has affected rental prices in Thailand, many residents have trouble finding affordable options for living with pets.

Currently, Bangkok and other popular ex-pat areas in the kingdom are not known for being pet-friendly. The street dog and cat population in Thailand are largely viewed as being out of control as many roam freely without receiving proper care or vaccines. As street dogs can be dangerous, Thais have traditionally viewed dogs and cats as being scary.

Expats, however, have generally tried to help the street dog and cat population due to their differing beliefs about taking care of such animals. As most Thais identify as Theravada Buddhists, their beliefs of not harming animals, but also not helping them have been a point of contention among foreigners living in the country.

Owning pets for Thai people found to be increasingly popular | News by Thaiger

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