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    Thai woman murdered on street outside restaurant in Germany

    Local police officers are hunting for a suspect who murdered a 61 year old Thai restaurant owner on Kantstrasse Road in the city of Berlin in Germany. German police officers reported on Friday, August 18, that they discovered the dead body of a Thai woman, 61 year old Siliya Saiwongpanya on a footpath near Fuggerstrasse Road in the Schoeneberg neighbourhood…

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    Owning pets for Thai people found to be increasingly popular

    Owning pets for Thai people has been found to be increasingly popular, according to data from Euromonitor. Data from the site has indicated that the number of Thais who count pets as family members has increased by 3% from 2019 to 2022. The number is expected to continue to rise as more Thais take a liking to pets. In 2019,…

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    3 Tips for Foreigners to Learn Speaking Thai ft. @ThaiTalkwithPaddy–Q6-Imc Have you tried learning to speak Thai but find it difficult? Thai can be an extremely difficult language to master. However, there are a few methods you can use to get a better grasp of the language. Jay invites his friend Paddy to the Thaiger studio to talk about 3 tips on how you can start learning and speaking…

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    Useful Thai phrases every visitor in Thailand should know

    Whether you’re visiting Thailand for business or pleasure, it’s always beneficial to understand the local language. Learning useful Thai phrases means showing effort and respect for the local culture. It will help ease interactions between you and the locals, making your trip more accessible and more enjoyable. Since Thai is a tonal language, it can be challenging to learn. You’ll…

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    10 things foreigners may find strange in Thailand

    As a foreigner living in Thailand, you might notice some strange things and habits that are so far from what you know at home. From cultural quirks to monitor lizards wandering into convenience stores, here are things that most foreigners find surprising and strange in Thailand. Eating raw instant noodles Did you know that instant noodles can make a tasty…

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    10 things foreigners find strange about Thailand!! | This is Thailand

      If you have ever visited or lived in Thailand, you might find some strange things here. Today, I’ll talk about the 10 things foreigners find strange about Thailand!! Let’s see if you agree or feel the same!! Thai people have a nickname that is not related to their full- name In the past, Thais had no nicknames. Some historians…

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    What do foreigners love and hate about Thailand | Vox Pop | Ep. 02

    What do foreigners, expats and tourists love about Thailand? What are the changes they would like to see and what food should you avoid eating in Thailand. Welcome to voice of the people where Thaiger goes out on to the streets and asks the people what they think about the different aspects of Thailand.

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    Thailand Red Light District & Is Thailand Racist? | Vox Pop | Ep. 01

    What do foreigners and Thais think about the red light district in Thailand? Is Thailand racist towards foreigners? Thailand has re-opened, so where are all the tourists? Welcome to voice of the people where Thaiger goes out on to the streets and asks the people what they think about the different aspects of Thailand.

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    New Visa for expats, Bangkok Re-opening Postponed | Good Morning Thailand LIVE | Episode 90


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    The 10 types of Expats in Thailand | Good Morning Thailand LIVE | Episode 89

    Jay and mike go live for the first time and look at the different types of expats living in Thailand. Leave a comment below if you are one of them and or have met these types of people.

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    Thailand’s Prime Minister takes control as the State of Emergency is activated

    The Thai PM says he promises to do his best to lead Thailand through this Covid-19 crisis, to ensure the safety of the Thai people, and urges everyone to have faith in his leadership. Thailand’s PM Prayut Chan-o-cha spoke earnestly to the Thai people telling them to expect the worst in the next “several weeks or months” as the virus…

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    Thailand is making you fat

    “…compare a Big Mac to an average Pad Thai and there’s at least double the kilojoules in the Thai noodle dish.” I came to Thailand as a fit, healthy 70 kilogram Australian. After six years in Thailand I’m now a reasonably fit, healthy 76 kilogram Australian. Why? Well, Thai food, despite its healthy appearance and fresh origins is also full of fats,…

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    “Make the economy better” – NIDA poll

    The December 24-26 National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) poll of 1,252 people across the country over age 18 and of various levels of education and occupations asked what they wanted from the government that will be formed after the election scheduled for late February. More than anything Thais want the government to improve the economy. More than 52 per cent…

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    Leading policeman makes extraordinary claim

    “It’s always foreigners who are responsible,” says a leading chief of provincial police . Region One chief Pol Gen Amphon Buarapporn made the outrageous statement claiming he had never seen a case Thais ripping off fellow Thais. Sanook quoted the commander as he was commenting about a case against a 53 year old Chonburi man who met wealthy Thai widows on…