The Myth of Happiness – chasing a more accepting relationship with self

The Myth of Happiness with The Thaiger

Ask most people want they want from life and most will answer “I want to be happy.” What you need to remember is that happiness is a moment to moment choice. It can feel frustrating and disconnecting when it eludes us.

In his book The happiness Trap Russ Haris points out how we create speed bumps for ourselves with chasing this illusive happiness:


“What’s the last line of every fairy tale? You got it: ‘. . . and they lived happily ever after.’ And it’s not just fairy tales that have happy endings. How about Hollywood movies? Don’t they nearly always have some sort of feel-good ending where good triumphs evil, love conquers all, and the hero defeats the bad guy? And doesn’t the same hold true for most popular novels and television programs? We love happy endings because society tells us that’s how life should be: all joy and fun, peace and contentment, living happily ever after. But does that sound realistic? Does it fit with your experience of life? This is one of the four major myths that make up the basic blueprint for the happiness trap. Let’s take a look at these myths, one by one.”

Myth 1: Happiness Is the Natural State for All Human Beings.

Myth 2: If You’re Not Happy, You’re Defective.

Myth 3: To Create a Better Life, We Must Get Rid of Negative Feelings.

Myth 4: You Should Be Able to Control What You Think and Feel.”

Russ Haris The Happiness Trap

Once we take off all the conditions on our happiness what are we left with – no more boxes to tick for us to be happy. No more judgmental rules where we are smacking ourselves with the SHOULD stick.

Instead of chasing happiness maybe we should be chasing a more accepting relationship with self.

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Darren Scherbain believe that each of us possess the capacity to be the creator of a heroic and courageous life. Living a courageous and passionate life requires that we embrace the sheer physicality of these concepts, while not forgetting that Heroes are useful. "What would your life look like if you eliminated the word CAN'T just for one day?"

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