High performance coaching for a fantastic day

by Hayden Rhodes

High performance in any discipline – requires discipline. Physical health, mental well-being and business practice to name a few, are all impacted by your behavior.

One cornerstone to consistent high performance is having the discipline to wake each day with routines that get you in the zone for sustainable performance. Successful people have worked out that morning discipline leads to better days. They know what time they start each day, they get up and get started – they don’t hit snooze and roll over for more zzzzz’s.

Your morning mindset and the hormonal situation created by how you spend your mornings tend to follow you throughout your day. So if you want good moods and fantastic days consider the following…

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1) You are unique

Find your own personalised morning ritual for your best outcome; what works for one – will not work for all.

2) Have the same wake up time every day

…including weekends. This helps establish better hormonal rhythms and both psychological and physiological function.

3) Sleep impacts your biology, recovery, and brain function

Great sleep will lead to a higher cognitive function and less chance of craving more shut eye.

4) Each day begins 1 minute past midnight

Most of us will do best if we are in deep sleep during this time. That means hitting the pillow at around 10:00pm and turning off all electrical devices.

5) Your eyes, skin and biology react very positively with early morning sunlight

Wake up and aim to get outside or at least into the sunlight or fresh air.

6) Do important work, big brain jobs, tough tasks first

Research suggests that the longer the day goes on the more likely we get distracted, lose self control and brain drain (fatigue) sets in.

7) Ask yourself – what is the most important thing for me to accomplish right now?

High performance coaching for a fantastic day | News by Thaiger

I encourage you to work on your morning routines – they can dramatically influence your life. Excellent ideas is to include can be as simple as singing in the shower, walking around the yard or quietly reflecting with a cup of organic coffee – what-ever works for you. Just do it – daily.

I call these HEALTHY RICHUALS because they enrich your life. Get yours down and watch your performance, productivity and happiness go up.

Hayden Rhodes
Club Manager RPM Health Club

• Master Performance Coach & International Wellness Speaker

• Follow Hayden Rhodes on Instagram and Facebook at HealthyRichuals

High performance coaching for a fantastic day | News by Thaiger

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