Thammasat University approved to import Covid-19 vaccines


The Royal Thai Gazette published the announcement yesterday that Thammasat University has now joined a handful of government entities that can import Covid-19 vaccines. The publication of their regulations on medical services and public health management during the pandemic allows them to import medicine and vaccines as an authorized government entity.

Thammasat University has already set its sights on importing second-generation mRNA vaccines as well as a protein subunit vaccine manufactured by Novavax.

Thailand regulations forbid any private businesses or persons from importing vaccines so middleman agencies like the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation have been coordinating with vaccine manufacturers and private hospitals and groups to get vaccines in Thailand.

One reason the rule is in place is because many vaccines have not been fully approved, but rather only approved for emergency use in order to be rushed into use to battle the fast-spreading Covid-19 pandemic.

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Thammasat University is a public university with its own Act governing it and its Faculty of Medicine oversees a medical school as well as Thammasat University Hospital.

With the approval of Thammasat University’s status, signed by President of the Thammasat University Council Noranit Setabutr, the university now is empowered to import Covid-19 related medical equipment, vaccines, drugs and either treatment and prevention supplies. They are further allowed to procure or produce vaccines and medicine, as well as sell them.

The broad authorisation allows the university, or any staff member representing the university, to negotiate inside of Thailand and internationally with vaccine manufacturers for the benefit of government or private businesses.

Thailand now has 6 government agencies or entities that have received authorisation to procure Covid-19 vaccines for import into Thailand, with Thammasat becoming the second higher education institute to win approval:

  • The Department of Disease Control
  • The National Vaccine Institute
  • The Government Pharmaceutical Organization
  • Thai Red Cross Society
  • Chulabhorn Royal Academy
  • Thammasat University

SOURCE: National News Bureau of Thailand

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