Private clinics in Bangkok enlisted to help with home isolation Covid patients

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Privately-run clinics in Bangkok are being enlisted to help treat and monitor patients in the Covid-19 “green” group – those who are home isolating with mild or no symptoms. According to a Bangkok Post report, the National Health Security Office is inviting the clinics to sign up to the programme to increase the number of facilities helping home isolation patients.

Dr Jadej Thammathach-Aree from the NHSO says the office will meet with interested clinics on August 3, where the programme will be explained in greater detail, including the services provided during home isolation, how funds are distributed to clinics, and how much clinics are paid for carrying out antigen tests.

The Bangkok Post reports that the surge in cases in the capital, particularly asymptomatic or mild infections, has prompted a need for more medical facilities to help patients carrying out home isolation.

“There are more than 3,000 privately-owned clinics in Bangkok alone, as opposed to some 200 NHSO-contracted clinics in the capital. If non-contract clinics can take part in the programme, they can help deal with a great many green-group sufferers.”

As of earlier this week, people who test positive from an antigen test can enter the home isolation programme immediately, without the need for a PCR test to confirm their diagnosis. To enter the programme, patients can call the NHSO hotline on 1330 or message the @nhso handle on Line. Anyone unable to carry out home isolation can opt to be admitted to a community isolation programme or hospitel.

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SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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