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Labour party urges UK to close borders to Thailand, Vietnam

PHOTO: Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds says the UK should close to Thailand and Vietnam for Covid-19 safety. (via Wikimedia)

The Labour party in the United Kingdom has suggested that the UK border be closed to travellers from Vietnam and Thailand, citing the appearance and spread of a variety of Covid-19 variants. Home Secretary Priti Patel was warned Friday night by Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds that the two Southeast Asian nations should be moved to the red list and travel all but forbidden.

The move comes after the variant that had been nicknamed the Thai strain, discovered in Thailand on May 24, has been found in 117 Covid-19 infections in the UK, with over a third of them from people returning from travel in the region. The opposition cited unclear information about holidays to Amber list countries as opening the door to new variants that could put Britain’s recovery from the pandemic at risk.

The proposal includes Vietnam despite its fantastic containment and handling of Covid-19, as a new outbreak of the Coronavirus in the past few weeks, Vietnam’s worst of the pandemic, has found traces of a new hybrid strain as well. The Shadow Home Secretary fears that if action isn’t taken quickly, it puts the June 21 reopening at risk.

Thomas-Symonds complained that countries with growing outbreaks and new variants that are often more contagious, more deadly, or more vaccine-resistant, should have been immediately added to the Red List. He said the Amber List is not effective in preventing variants from around the world to travel to the UK.

“The UK Government must add all countries on the Amber List to the Red List. Failing that, they should at the very least add Thailand and Vietnam to the Red List immediately.”

The Shadow Home Secretary said failing to prevent importation to the UK of new Covid-19 variants like the strains identified in Thailand, Brazil, India and South Africa would be like history repeating. He complained that mass confusion of the unclear Amber List is recklessly responsible for travellers from at-risk countries bringing new Covid-19 strains in already and need to be curbed immediately.

SOURCE: The Independent

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Neill Fronde

Neill is a journalist from the United States with 10+ years broadcasting experience and national news and magazine publications. He graduated with a degree in journalism and communications from the University of California and has been living in Thailand since 2014.


  1. Damning article front page Bangkok Post.It outlines how the blame for the outbreak rests solely on the shoulders of Bangkok Elite. Britain would be crazy to allow flights from Thailand to enter.

    Already anecdotal stories circulating about fake Covid certificates issued in Doha to Indian sub continent travelers desperate to escape there. Australia has also banned all infected country’s India included because ” half of every flight tested were Covid positive”. Passengers are doing anything they can to sneak out of local quarantine.

    Bangkok Elite are beyond shame’s time the Thai people spoke against the inequity. This leadership is evil. Something has to happen. I fear for the soul of this country.

  2. Good keep the Thais out of our hallowed isle.
    The Thais are rampant on keeping the ferangs out, well give them reciprocity.
    You Orientals will not let us in, you will not be allowed into the UK.
    This is long overdue . . .
    This is the only way these peasants will learn . . .

  3. What a load of rubbish Britain trying to rule the world with quarantine rules!! But they are letting Indians and Afghans in. What about the British expats it’s a disgrace all political. If your vaccinated like they have been rolling out the vaccines you should be allowed to travel any were you want absolute rubbish Britain needs to get a grip and stop trying to rule the world!

  4. What these fools don’t seem to understand is that viruses mutate. That’s what they do.

    So, if the UK is going to block itself off every time a new Covid variant appears, they might as well just get used to be locked down from the rest of the world permanently.

    The stupidity of these so-called ‘governments’ is mind-blowing, as their economies remain in tatters and their country’s futures hang on a thread.

    But hey, let’s all stay terrified about a virus with a 99.5% survival rate for the rest of our lives and lock ourselves off from everyone and everything. That’ll work wonders.

    Meanwhile, Neill Fronde, the so-called ‘journalist’ that ‘wrote’ this article has himself photographed wearing a mask. Stupid fool.

  5. OMG the Thai strain now the Indian before which is now called the delta the African strain the South American strain Jesus who makes this up this is going to be around forever just another flu we have to live with!! When will this end people are desperate no food no jobs this nonsense has to end!!

  6. Thailand infections last week: 23,000 and falling/steady (pop. 69 million)
    UK infections last week: 30,000 and rising (pop. 66 million)
    Who should be closing borders against whom?

  7. @Isaan farang – Not sure where you get your data, however, 2.2% of the worlds population have been infected, with 2.2% of those people dying. That being said, this really isn’t about those dying, it’s about the health care system, be it Thai or the NHS, being overwhelmed. Yes the vast majority recover but at what cost to the system.

  8. @Horley Adams – Again, not sure where you get your data. The U.K currently has a 6.6% infection rate, with 2.8% of those dying. A death rate being one of the highest in the world.

  9. These are words of wisdom from a party not in power and not likely to be under it’s present set up with Sir Keir the knee bender, who among others is slowly dragging the labour party down to hidden depths, which is a shame, and at present are proving to be the Tories best weapon, a credible opposition might make wobbly Boris start to do the things he promised at the GE which he not doing at present!

  10. @Mr cynic – It’s the opposition party not the government pushing for boarder closures, get your facts straight before your rants. Out of interest though the closing of boarders are supported by the majority of the populations in both the UK AND Thailand and I think it is likely to be implemented in the coming weeks

  11. One has to remember this statement comes from the shadow Home Secretary, not the elected Government or the scientists. Scaremongering and attempting to put himself in the spotlight. A non starter.

  12. “What a load of rubbish Britain trying to rule the world with quarantine rules!!”

    It’s their country, FFS! If you want to go somewhere so badly, go, but expect to face the consequences and pay for quarantine when you come back.

  13. “Thailand infections last week: 23,000 and falling/steady (pop. 69 million)
    UK infections last week: 30,000 and rising (pop. 66 million)
    Who should be closing borders against whom?”


  14. Zero covid panic warriors in the UK are wildly unhinged. Covid will weaken and become a new cold in 1 or 2 years. We shouldnt be focusing all our resources on this. There are bigger problems.

  15. @Rasputin – learn to read,i stated”politicians”even I can tell the shadow home secretary and the current home secretary apart by just looking at pictures of the weasel’s.

  16. Another idiotic statement from Labour who keep clutching at straws hoping someone will take notice that they exist in the sewers desperate to get out. The Labour view is a minority and not that of the actual British government. It will be Cranky next week, she also believes in communist rule.

  17. Covid won’t disappear. It will keep on mutating with new variants appearing all the time because that’s how viruses work. We’ve just gotta learn to live with it. Closing borders is pointless because of all the loopholes letting people through – just look at the Heathrow arrivals and departures each day.

  18. This is a comment of 1 person in the opposition labour party not the UK Government. Let’s hope that Thailand will be able to secure sufficient vaccines to expedite their vaccination programme to limit further virus mutations and get the country up and running for everyone really soon.

  19. They let the dinghy vermin in every day…come on a dinghy we will give you a house , benefits and health care .The majority of Brits hate them ..they bring in all sorts of diseases and are free to walk around ..

  20. Does he not realise that all viruses mutate and this is something we are going to have to live with , strange that he picked out Vietnam and thailand but no mention of China, does this guy live on another planet …let’s just get people vaccinated here in the uk as well as thailand and get back to some normality, this wanker does not speak for the people or the current uk government.

  21. This is all victim blaming by the UK. Living in the UK currently, I can confirm that the major issues are a reluctance to employ controls on people spreading it LOCALLY, including massive tolerance of anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, lack of social distancing with no penalties enforced, etc etc. But still they put most of the blame on ‘foreigners’ and travellers…

  22. @Donno – Exactly! The UK government has made ridiculous requirements before allowing people to go anywhere — interestingly they all seem biased towards ‘rich/white’ countries . . .

  23. @Donno – Why not publish the full figures, don’t they suit your narrative? UK covid 19 deaths last week 59 (and falling). Thailand covid 19 deaths last week 224 (and rising) Now the Indian variant has been confirmed present in Thailand, expect it to get a lot worse

  24. So funny.. variants and mutants are stories for babies. How can you believe so stupid things ?
    All these stories are made to bring people to fake vaccines.
    So, my friends, if you want to stay alive and safe, don’t take their poisons, they are not your friends. They just want to control you, and kill you..
    Open your minds, folks, and get information on internet first. Because, when this poison is inside you, it’s too late..

  25. @Toby Andrews –
    I find the Thais very welcoming. My company handles all of my Visa issues. I never go on visa runs anymore. Getting and staying here are much easier than if Thais want to visit the USA. Thais appreciate people who are here to work and make their community better. No clue where all of this expat bitterness comes from? Broken hearts and shattered dreams?

  26. The Labour Party is a spent force especially under the leadership of Sir Kneeler Starmer. Ever since he “took
    the knee” in support of those BLM s**t bags he lost all credibility. Incidentally Thais entering the UK,should have exactly the same restrictions as they impose on us going to Thailand.
    Regarding case numbers, the death rate is the main concern and UK is now far lower than Thailand so just open up to tourists who have been vaccinated and cut out all the senseless paperwork or no one will come.

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