How to request a refund for electric meter deposits – starts tomorrow


Starting from tomorrow (March 25) the government is working with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authorities to start returning refunds on electrical meter insurance and deposits to provide some aid to people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

Who will receive the refund?

  • Type 1, residential houses
  • Type 2, small businesses

A total of 22.17 million customers will receive a total of 32,700 million baht, dividing into two categories…

• Metropolitan Electricity Authority (Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan) with 3.87 million customers, who will receive a total of 13,000 million baht.

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• The Provincial Electricity Authority with 18.30 million customers and a budget of approximately 19,700 million baht.

How much is the electrical refund?

This depends on the metre used, which can be divided as follows…

  • Meter size 5 (15), electricity deposit 300 baht
  • Meter size 15 (45), electricity deposit 2,000 baht
  • Meter size 30 (100), electricity deposit 4,000 baht
  • Meter size 15 (45), Phase 3 Electricity deposit 6,000 baht

How to register for a refund of the electricity meter guarantee and when?

The owners of the electricity meter can check their rights for a return of the deposit, according to the agencies in their provinces. Registration to request money can be done from March 25 onward, via websites…

• Metropolitan Electricity Authority

• Provincial Electricity Authority

Steps for requesting electrical insurance refunds

  1. Enter your name and surname
  2. Enter the electricity user number
  3. Enter identification number.
  4. Follow the instructions on the website.
  5. Wait to receive money from the specified channel.

The Electricity Authority will begin to pay the electricity bill back through to alternative channels from March 31 onwards.

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