Buses and motorbike taxis to face tougher disease prevention measures

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Public buses, cars, and motorbike taxis now need to comply with tougher Covid-19 measures, following an announcement from the Department of Land Transport. Jirut Wisarnjit from the DLT, says the stricter rules are effective immediately and are in addition to measures already in place, such as mandatory mask-wearing, hand-washing, and use of contact-tracing apps. According to a Pattaya News report, the new rules are as follows:

• Buses must not exceed 70% capacity. A vacant seat must be left between passengers not travelling together, but 2 people travelling together may sit side by side.

• Operators must minimise travel between the hours of 11pm and 4am in Bangkok and other “dark red” zones.

• Operators should consider a reduction in the number of vehicles travelling to and within dark red areas.

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• Passengers must use tracking apps and show the driver evidence that they have checked in on the app.

• Bus and van drivers should consider parking their vehicle every 2 hours in order to open the windows and carry out disinfection.

• Drivers of motorbike taxis should use disinfectant to wipe down seats and handlebars/back grips on all bikes between every fare. Customers who use motorbike taxis on a regular basis should bring their own helmet and if a driver provides a helmet, it should be disinfected between each customer.

• Drivers of motorbike taxis should refrain from talking to customers to avoid the potential spread of Covid-19 droplets. Masks must be worn at all times by driver and passenger.

Jirut says the additional disease prevention measures are being implemented as officials see no significant reduction in Covid-19 infections, despite existing safety measures, business closures, and other restrictions. In particular, Bangkok and most other dark red areas continue to report high daily numbers.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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